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  1. Been out twice started and dug 1 bitch looking good on her part
  2. After 5 bolts on the trott at last a dig she is a ticking clock
  3. 11 months old around 12 inches feisty little bitch
  4. 11 months old around 12 inches feisty little bitch
  5. All have failed to mention have written permission and a humane method of dispatch with you at all times
  6. 3 one is in Belgium and one went to a close mate and I kept 1 all agreed by the guy who gifted them
  7. Like a good length can tether to fat tree's if that's all available
  8. Pippin 11 months old now started her career yesterday I'm a well happy man
  9. Very nearly a year now pippin showing good signs had her beating yesterday off lead collar on she was head down arse up on a scent followed it for around 300 yards in woodland to a big wood pile of branches left by the woodsman in she went with a wriggle and a couple of minutes she was baying a few minutes later out flew charlie
  10. If in wrong place please move any of be have or having a litter of bull X pups looking for 2 or 3 for a friend in mainland Europe he wants them for boar and fox please pm me if you have or are planning to have a litter excellent working home will be provided
  11. Seem to be a few people out there digging them if you can get the right pups to bring on hope people can see this link they are full of them selves
  12. I have s fair bit of confidence in this pair doing the job for me especially after seeing mum and her brother and talking to Dave about other ancestors and talking to the owner of the stud used about his work style and the style of his ancestors they were gifted with no strings attached complete with all paperwork not that paper makes a terrier Dave is a true gentleman that knows his dogs and their capabilities
  13. No R.H I've still got my pip and will have another in the future I've always had a soft spot for borders but never thought I'd be able to have something out of working stock these are little fire crackers
  14. Hope Dave see's this well settled mate and very keen on a fox brush there as forward as any pat pup I've seen
  15. No im having 2 and one is going to a lad in Belgium who digs
  16. Thank you very much Dave they are full of them selves the man from Belgium is picking his up from me Wednesday mate they are as forward as any pat pup I've had
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