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  1. Yeah your right, we’ve had a a real cold spell over past week or 2 then on the 3rd day of mild weather today and I wouldn’t of said they where much older than a few days
  2. Yeah mate I’ve just come across some this morning. I think that’s it for the season now
  3. Has anyone come across any cubs yet?
  4. you sounded like you done it the proper way mate... I just slided them over and went hell for leather with the angle grinder with boiling bits of melted plastic flying everywhere, would advise to speak to jigsaw if wanting to do correct way.
  5. Yes pal just cut in half and the top pushed over the bottom
  6. Yes mate just dog bowls on top, they are real handy the drums
  7. You might want to think about the 3rd pen for yourself mate, just make sure there’s enough room for your creature comforts
  8. I got these custom made by monarch fabrication, brilliant boxes just wanted something bigger than usual terrier box as wanted to be able to put spaniels in aswell. Would highly recommend them.
  9. Is that a young dog in the background mate? I can see the closer one is well tuned in.
  10. I’m just in the process of getting the bloodlines sent to me off the lad for the sire and dam suppose to be really well bred I went up to Bolton to get him through a good friend on mine on here. But will let you know In due course what he’s out of. atb
  11. No oil painting this dog but showing great signs so far
  12. Happy birthday fella, hope you had a goodun, like the chocolate
  13. Cheers mate, still very pup like at the min
  14. Let have shotgun rather than the box on the Boxing Day meet
  15. Nah mate not to bad wasn’t massively precise with measurement all measured in cm no mm, half was pretty much already done with buying the front and centre panels. Still got to ply the inside of the sides incase they fancy there chances trying to chew there way out.
  16. Cheers mate, hell of a down pour down here today
  17. Got the pens finished today, just in time for a good down pour
  18. 15 month old bitch hopefully let her see abit in Monday, fingers crossed for her
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