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  1. any wheaten cross,s? preferably bitch
  2. anyone know if gvc bred any pups ,or anyone know one for sale,
  3. Ok lads, anyone got good bitch (guaranteed grafter)or pups on, money for right bitch, cheers
  4. ok ferret,looking for wheaten cross bitch,can you help?

  5. Barnsleyben, just wpndered if any pups, cheers
  6. why sit on your arse and call yourself a hunter,use your feet
  7. How can Paul Dooley promote a book when he does not know one end of a terrier to the other,maybe it,s money motivated by broadhurst,(anyone ever bought a working terrier off broadhurst or been out with him?
  8. Recently recommended by Paul Dooley in earth dog running dog (terriers and terriermen11),save your money lads,load of c--p
  9. look like nice terriers,might be selling mine he,s bred from scottish champion of champions,black brightmore strain 10 months old,or swap for smart bushing dog or bitch
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