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  1. sorry for the late reply not been on here for ages. the bitch is bred from his sister to a good coursing line.
  2. I've not had a tape on them to be honest but they'll be around 23".
  3. yes very but I'm taking it mega slow. I'll try and get some better picks. He's already bigger than the young Wheaton.
  4. it wasn't cheep and to honest I had a few sleepless nights organising things but crystal said that she had never came across anything bred that way in the states. If there is one ounce of tallent in the bitch she will coaxe it out.
  5. sorry for the picture quality 7year old on my shoulders and pictures on my phone. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  6. It's not a hunting home unfortunately but it is a competition home with a very accomplished lady that trains malnois. She's gone off to be a dock diving dog. The lady she's gone to is a world champion and world record holder. She can't praise her enough for brains and willingness to please .
  7. Looking well both of them. The bitch that went to Florida is coming on really nice too. I'm really pleased with all of the comments I've had back it's been well worth it so far. The blue dog is coming on nicely but he's such a lump I'm being very careful with him. He moves and thinks like a big collie but he's still that long in the body he looks like a sausage dog. I'll try and get some pictures up. The Wheaton litter are coming on nicely had a weekend with one of the dog pups out the litter and he didn't disappoint at all. Now if only this cattle dog bitch would break down I could have a f
  8. that's the plan I'll be using the same line of coursing dog next lining then back to the Wheaton line. The pups from this litter are really game and racey but I'd like to see them a touch bigger in hieght.
  9. that's what she is 3/4 Wheaton 1/4 greyhound x saluki greyhound. I put her back to my 3/4 Wheaton 1/4 greyhound.
  10. In the first pic he's a bout 5-6 years old. He's stands around the 24 mark. But getting him to stand still is like nailing blomonge to the ceiling. No there's no hikling blood in there. The one he's with the bitch on is over a year old now so he's 11 in that one. The bitch is out of his litter mate. This is her Put to a saluki greyhound. This is her
  11. I can only speak as I find ,max is seven and still takes everything and anything and has been worked hard. No picking runs no putting the breaks on and I would still give anything to have him at 18 month old again. My Wheaton is harder but would never be able to hunt and catch anything near to the amount of stuff Max has. Granted not all collie crosses are the same but no two dogs are the same either. It's horses for coarses. I'd be looking for a dog that suits the owners temperament and needs.Just wondering I've never heard of a wheaton grey x collie grey but I suppose it's been done?This is
  12. Lets not talk silly I'll bring him down you can see for your self but do me a favour and don't take the piss till you have had a day out with him.
  13. Totally agree and to be fair the lad has invited me out so he can do just that.
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