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  1. Frosty79

    Beddy whippet grey

    My old beddy greyhound and beddy whippet
  2. Frosty79

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    How much you want for it?
  3. My old ferret died last night kids gutted anyone selling any baby ferrets county Durham area please let me know thanks
  4. Frosty79


    Wear gloves lol
  5. Frosty79

    Great pic

    Best buds lol
  6. Frosty79

    Old lurcher photo

    What you think lurchers is deerhound x greyhound?
  7. Frosty79

    Breaking pup to ferrets

    The pup lives in the house so its not looking at it all the time,thanks for input I'll just spend plenty time with them its a clever pup recall retrieve and sit coming on a treat
  8. Hi guys any advice on breaking my 12 week old terrier pup to ferrets, I have a ferret and the pups trying to bite through the cage to get at it.my lurchers were no problem breaking in a nip on the nose as a pup through the cage and they never bothered again any tips would be appreciated
  9. Frosty79


    About 20 year ago we were ferreting at woolsingham in a a big pine wood on a steep hill my mate said look at the size of that it was a huge white cat bigger than me lurchers 24" it looked like a puma but was pure white and I seen a very large black cat just outside Manchester walking along awood
  10. Frosty79

    Leopard dog

    Should be good climbers lol
  11. Frosty79

    Crufts 2019

    That's a perfect bull mastiff in my eyes excellent head and nice shape all the ones I've seen poor heads and just fat blobs no shape whatsoever
  12. Frosty79


  13. Frosty79

    Whippet/Saluki type UPDATE

    Some big hares there mate
  14. Frosty79

    Any X's around?

    She's 14 weeks now mate shaping up nice, I seen a tri colour on the rat catchers video years ago
  15. Frosty79

    Any X's around?

    Just depends how much land you have to hunt really good luck finding what ya after