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  1. no dog is scared of the dark but most are scared of whats in the dark.
  2. <<<<<<<<<<<----------- This is 100% foxy John bred. anyone who looking for a decent dog you found it.
  3. proper men doing a proper job. the only one who was breaking the law was the bitch trespassing on that permo. It was funny when she started screaming good job fellas.
  4. that's what a Patterdale does. if they have brain its very little.
  5. personally I like em big and strong I have a pal who wont have a big dog no matter how good or bred it is. depends on the ground you cover as well. its nice to have all shapes n sizes in ya pack. can go wrong then.
  6. this season is real slow everyone saying same thing. been called out a couple of times but nothing in the earths. wont be long till cubbing is here.
  7. fine built dog he is big tom. what line is he?
  8. right in what your saying lads but many topics have got debates and shit on I started this topic for my own use to share and see other lads dogs. many topics are like this but this one was started by me.
  9. Please post pics of ya pups or up and coming. Post any of ya dogs no right or wrong. This my 6month dog.
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