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  1. My doddery old chap Indie.. Edited to add, I just realised that this is in the terrier section, and he's definitely no terrier!
  2. At the time you just do it without thinking fireman ... we are a little depleted now - Indies still with us Nuala passed away about 18 month ago followed by Ellie and then Rosie .. it’s never easy as you must know... Now left with 4, indie and his daughter and two plums
  3. Hello Someone pointed me to this post Chris I haven’t been on here for Yonks
  4. I doubt they were droppers Millet love him or loathe him he was genuine
  5. I used to close my eyes listen to the branches breaking and press the shutter
  6. Congratulations to you all
  7. get some more pics of the pups up Colin, they're a cracking litter
  8. Sire of the pups is my dog Indie, who was bred by a friend of mine (not by Hancock). He has produced good working dogs in the past and this will probably be his last litter. The beardie in him goes back to Tom Muirhead's Remus.
  9. The very least they are guilty of is child NEGLECT and the evidence so far points to much worse.
  10. I've just changed my number, will pm you it.
  11. a few more old pics Medlock Flint & Stone
  12. Keeps


    Yes permanently fostered children still remain under the care of the local authority who are their "corporate parents" (through a care order), where adopted children's legal status changes. Adoption legally removes and rights of the child’s birth parents, and transfers them to the adoptive parents. This also means that the child or children involved lose any legal right to inheritance from their birth family.
  13. Keeps


    Not quite the same thing although both offer permanent stability to a child. Some children still have very strong links to their family, still see their parents on a regular basis and their legal status means that adoption is not an option, or in the best interests for them, but these children still need a permanent stable home until they reach adulthood, when they are unable to live with their parents, for whatever reason.
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