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  1. If you can use any alternative to royal mail use it they are totally unproffesional
  2. If its farmed fish more likely got more additives in it than the complete dog food.
  3. I don't care what the job is it's the working nights that destroys you.
  4. Don't think I could stand all the ego boosting that the mods rely on.
  5. Learn to trust your terrier if you can't trust it get rid and try again,don't know anything about hounds but I would use the same rule as thumb with them.
  6. My terriers bush rabbits keeps them fit and gets pups using there noses have had a few terriers now over quite a few years a and only dug to one rabbit its the dogs that only get out the kennel only occasionally that cause the problems
  7. Don't know her never heard of her don't do shows but if she's honest good luck to her.
  8. I've had a Hancock bred dog and it was a good dog it took plenty of roe and fox few years back.one of the best rabbit bitches I've seen was a Hancock and she would take fox as well.havnt seen e Hancock working for a while now so can't comment on more recent breeding.
  9. yep ive always had a dummy egg or 2 in nest boxes its always worked for me
  10. Money fame and ego , how many on this thread would really be happier digging than bitching not many.
  11. A sensitive question this one and one I have my own opinions on,if a vixen is killed this time of year leaving a litter of orphaned cubs generally will they be preyed upon or will they starve.My shovels are put away now and unless a dreaded call out comes they will stay unused till next winter but road casualties and riflemen will still be at it.
  12. Border x Lakeland a well tried and tested x but border fell or border patterdale I've not heard much good about may be the owners at fault rather than the dog .
  13. Where's it say ime in the market for a stud dog ,I always look at the classifides on this site yet havnt bought a dog for over 20 years as I posted just like to see what's about. Your still a massive nob. i dont belive you believe what you like , nob.
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