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  1. Well f**k off then Walshie yer borin f**k
  2. No am not a anti joe just showing half the Wana bes how it's not done correct! And there in the wrong sport
  3. A see were antis are coming from tho with people putting this on YouTube, Ano I didn't help put it on here but gotta understand it's not gonna stop he's Probly on here the owner the Irish b*****d
  4. It happens it will never stop so why get angry a c**ts a c**t there gonna keep doing it
  5. A don't think I would there's 3 and still getting a good beating coyote ain't it? 3 dogs will take longer than 1 on the kneck IMO, but again...I wouldn't base judgement on 3 unknown greyhounds on a coyote , we don't have them and what's 3 dogs? Could be the first they have ever seen, you just don't know for certain.Think that's why the Internet is quite bad, people know about dogs they have never seen , and make assumptions. It's a fox yer clown get yer glasses on
  6. A don't think I would there's 3 and still getting a good beating
  7. O did they , then again am sure it was u who told me ha?
  8. Herd the are plenty in the forest of dean in Gloucester, weather its true I'm yet to no
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