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  1. So recently my mate just got the sister (Rala) of his bitch which died last year whilst working (2 years old). He thought he would like to take it out a shine for a couple of hours over the weekend, Just to see how it would respond to the lamp and looking for prey as it hasn’t been worked before due to the previous owner having health problems. I thought I would take my 6 month old pup (Ace) along just to let the pup see what it has in store for the future. Done a golf course where my mate has permission for rabbits as soon as we walked on there was a nice big rabbit sitting in the middle of t
  2. Hi Guys, my 12 week old pup is ripping the carpet in my livingroom up something awful, Any tips to get him to stop it? Thanks Chris
  3. I am having a bit of trouble walking my pup on a lead. Without the lead he walks right by my side but when I put the lead on him he basically just sits down and won't move. I don't really want to drag him because this could make him hate the lead. Does anyone have any tips?
  4. Sounds like a cracking night, well done.
  5. I know I know someone that can do them also. so its alot better paying £10 rather than getting ripped off by the vets.
  6. I plan on it mate, was just thinking about this last night so i thought i would see what everyone elses opinion was on it...
  7. I was thinking about getting one of these crosses, decided against it because it being 1/4 bull. Got a 3 month old baby so better to be safe than sorry... Settled for a saluki x collie whippet grey. Coming on great.
  8. What is this cross like mate? I just got a pup after a bit of research but still question some bits... What game have you done?
  9. I will be getting my pup jagged when it is old enough! I am just looking for information. I know multiple people who have had dogs who have never had there injections and the dogs have been fine. I know people who’s dogs have had injections but have died of horrible diseases. If the pups parents, grandparents and their partners have all had the injections then surely by now the dog should be protected without having to get the injections. Is this just a farce and a way for the vet to make money by scare mongering people into thinking if your dog doesn’t
  10. Guy who had them said it wasnt feeding off its mum anymore and all the other pups were going so i had to basically pick it up.
  11. Got one mate, Just like tips from other people aswell as its not possible for the boy to know everything.
  12. My mates dog went through some bushes the other week and came back out and her paw was red. Turns out young ones have been smashing bottles. Slit the paw right open. Not even enough skin to stich had to glue it.
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