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  1. Hi mate nice ferret there hopefully get some rabbits in the nets of them atb stevo
  2. Cheers for that mate just seen the same box asked the wife to order it me tomorrow thank f**k I came on her scamming fuckers hope u get you money back atb stevo
  3. My kids named mine ratpunsel stinker bell and snowie but when they pop out of a hole I just say come here you little f****r
  4. When you get them saluki bulls get big hob starve him for a few day pin them down and put the c**t down there bollocks the robing scum bags carnt put the effort in to get there own ferrets and train them wankers atb stevo
  5. f***ing scum bags mate hope u get them back tell them f***ing wank stain coppers you think it's people from the back your going round to sort it your self they will soon be round lazy basterds atb stevo
  6. Cheers for sharing more under ground filming looking forward to more next season that pole reminds me of me albino gets stuck in good job well done yet again thanks Zeus polecat atb stevo
  7. thanks krawnden for reply mate
  8. Nice ferrets mate had a silver hob like him once big f****r the kids was little use to want to walk him on harness cats on street would shit them selves good luck with them atb stevo
  9. Thanks for reply Owen appreciated thanks atb stevo
  10. Nice one mate could you use Jill's for the rats or you better of with hob atb stevo
  11. Sorry to here of your loss mate rip dora
  12. Ha ha class it put its head down flying head but £250 pound you've been framed atb stevo
  13. This is great under ground footage the only thing I've seen like this Korda fishing dvd it is no1 the only thing I've seen in ferreting atb stevo
  14. Ye you would have had the rabbit mate she did take a kick in you could tell scratched on the head she did well good gill atb stevo
  15. These are well worth waiting for just need that David Attenborough voice over well done atb stevo
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