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  1. Long shot but have you still got this?
  2. Good point. You'll always see a shoot owner with a deep dark red nose! Or on my local the fine for low or shooting after the horn isn't money, it's a bottle of the finest port made payable to the keeper and Co.
  3. What sort of beating are you doing if your dressed better then the guns? I'm begrudgingly buying a new pair of chaps because I'm getting comments such as "where did you get your a***less shorts from?" simply because they've ripped up and I've cut of the freid parts I imagined to like to play beater too;) lol
  4. Cheers. I did think that would be the case but as my nephews say "I want it now"
  5. Evening all, Quick couple of questions that I can't seem to find the answers for... What is the rules, laws and regulations that one is required to abide by when selling shotgun cartridges and the maximum that one is allowed to keep? (I think it's 14,000?) Thanks in advance,
  6. Yeah I was reading somewhere that they can get nutrition out of a leather shoe! And eat everything and anything
  7. I thought they looked a little meaner then foxes but obviously not
  8. Anyone heard of them new raccoon dogs that have escaped in and around Kent? They look like evil little b*****ds! Wouldn't want to run into one of them when walking the mutts!
  9. Has anyone had any luck or decent bags recently? I've been out on everything from beans to rape. I've got some drilled maize to try but other then that I'm all out of ideas! Has anything worked for you guys and gals?
  10. Testing the water here, but I'm looking at selling my Rizzini. Sideplate model with partidge, pheasant and duck engraved on each side and bottom. Multi-choke. It's got a nice palm swelled stock with a right hand cast but being a lefty it's akward for me. I've recently had the barrels reblued by KWG in ashford and the stock is generally in good nick. I've been looking about and seen others go for about £350. If I could get £300 i'd be happy man, offers obviously welcome. Or I'll part ex for with some money your way for a straight or left hand cast. Photos will be added at a la
  11. Ill take cash when you pick it up?
  12. Ill take cash when you pick it up?
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