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  1. the rabbits off the last couple of outins finnaly get to game dealers jim
  2. Just be careful. One of our biggest shoots has given us orders to shoot any dogs on sight, apart from two labs that walk on there.. he's always got livestock around, anything from sheep to cattle, plus it's a deer shoot. And before you go off on one about what you would do if your dog dropped dead bear in mind (A ) we're on night vision so you wouldn't even know we were there, and (B ) we carry firearms, skinning knives, machetes and 6 foot shooting sticks. And there's always more than one ! Just be careful and check all round for empty parked vehicles And they give pricks like you
  3. I have permission off myself as far as the eye can see
  4. fair play tommo looks like you've had the nums
  5. andy that kelseys the double of my bitch and red
  6. hers myne shes ran 7 killed 7 just taken it easy with her shes only 8 and a half months andy if you have get some more pics up of old chester as rick wasent a man for photos
  7. round about six month got it written down somwere its 23 inch mate nice big strong wrists and feet on yours mate realy nice dog hes going to make
  8. hers a pic of my pup mate shes coming on in no rush with her tho
  9. ill definatly donate I was meant to do a walk but had anckle injury
  10. wales 123 I totally agree with you well said mate
  11. all these coursing men go on about its unfair if they wanna see ther dogs tested run then on more than ten runs on lamp ther dogs disintegrate maybe first five runs look easy because ther racy fast but after that they haven't got what it takes ive seen it with my own eyes daytime dogs are long winded dogs a gud lamp dog will be short winded but get its wind back quick horses for courses am not saying you carent get dogs that will do both you will but they will just be medeocker at both you cant have the best of both worlds
  12. I it was just ma mate saying they had bags of stamina
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