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  1. bridgedale summit knee socks .exellent
  2. i will have that knife please if u still got it ,
  3. I am getting some Deerhunter smallville trousers, hopefully they will keep me dry. I have heard some good reports about them. Allthe best to you all
  4. ive got a two an half year old patterdale bitch, hunts well on top, will not go to ground on rabbits, quite as a mouse in the back yard. The reason I am wanting to get shut of it, it will find foxes to ground, will do 5 to 10 mins then out, not what I want.
  5. Lakey or border lakey wanted out of guarnteed dogs would like it leggy narrow and good nose. Would consider any other type as long as it fits the description above and if possible out of rock dogs, would consider dog or bitch. Please pm me. Thanks
  6. Size definately does matter especially when working rock piles, big dogs will not do. They will try, but they will only get so far.
  7. remember a turkey is just for christmas and not for life
  8. I went to look at some Bull crosses in the North West. Nice pups and nice lads, bitch very nice, but unfortunatley the sire was not there, as anyone heard of the Sire Michael in the North West? Before I commit myself to a pup. Would appreciate some fast feedback. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone my user name is mell and I live in the North Manchester area. I have a couple of terriers and one lurcher and one lab cross mongral for hunting up. All I bother with is foxes, when I get time, with work and one thing and another.
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