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  1. I've just been cleaning the garage out and I've got 45 brand new fibreglass longnet poles, Will take £100 cash, would possibly consider some **end pins** or hazel poles and a bit of cash as well see if we can sort a deal out! Just drop me a pm! cheers T-R
  2. keep us posted! I'm considering building one,
  3. working on farms full time at the min, trying to freed sheep in 3ft of snow was not fun but its good at this time of the year looking forward to hay time,
  4. Its not the cost of the car its the bloody insurance for us young lads have you had any quotes on a 1.3 4x4? atb T-R
  5. Light Sussex bantams are spot on!
  6. Well just befor i give up and get myself a car i was just woundering if anyone could recomend some where to get cheap van insure for a young lad i'm a dry stone waller by trade and was just thinking it would be handy to have a little van instead of trying to fit it all into a car the cheapest qoute i have had on a 1.3 vaxhall combo van has been £4000 same for a 1.2 ren - kangoo and that was from the nfu!! I think its just going to be too expensive but I thought I would try on here before I give up! Cheers lads
  7. This place is spot on! - http://www.teesdalelandrover.co.uk/ about 15 mins from bishop Auckland
  8. The farmer who had the land round my old house found a arrow head in a mole hill it was made from flit and there's no flint near us so it must have come a fair way, he gave it to the local museum
  9. That's kind of my point mate, what went wrong with his wires that he went from being a decent bloke with a good idea (and he was at first) to a common thief? Was he just playing the long game and reeling people in? Who knows ............. LETS JUST SAY ........ IT TOOK ME ABOUT 3 MINUTES OF CONVERSATION TO SUSS , THERE TRUELY IS A SUCKER BORN EVERY MINUTE !! WHAT MADE THE MATTER WORSE WAS JOHN USING A CERTAIN LITTLE FELLA TO MAKE MONEY AND VICE VERSA DUCKWING Who and what do you mean by that? :glare: Yes I did used to work for John one day a week on placment from school but I finished down there over a year ago... I'm a dry stone waller by trade and I've been doing this on my own for over a year.
  10. Why do we note have a pinned thread with hutch and court pics????? :whistling:
  11. I use them straight from the box from flatpack without any problems
  12. if that was on a farm house wall round here it would have been long gone! nice pics
  13. Stick to the flat-pack they might cost a little bit more but there a much stronger traps. at the end of the day you get what you pay for
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