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  1. was that north or south lads, hate that sandy shit its always a nightmare when ye get down over 5/6 foot nearly as bad as sticky clay lol
  2. is this a waterside crew by anychance, if it is ye couldnt listen to use boys lol. Naw fair play hope use block up every enterance to it keep em in the shallow holes around it which am sure is there
  3. its simple lad if the dogs thirsty it will drink
  4. wouldnt sell any dog that is 100% whats the point in rearing a dog to the point that you want and selling it, sometimes there are genuine reasons why fellas get rid of dogs but lets be honest if its doing the stuff then it will get kept in the circle its in and not sold for £500 lol shocking thats just boys looking for money nothing more
  5. think its abit silly to slate someone for the way he finished a dig on something that you have never dug or even seen in the fur, dont get me wrong i dont think working 2 dogs to ground is sensible but it was at the end of the dig has no-one ever showed a young dog a stop end before
  6. sounds like parvo, not eating and shite smelling funny is it lying about with no energie
  7. http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n84/derrydigger/REDBITCH1.jpg wee bitch ended up jibbing more my fault than hers
  8. if its good cover then yes you will get him there again, this is from experiance i have done cover and missed foxes and returned a week or two later and accounted for it, could of been a different fox but the fact that they are territorial would make me think same fox
  9. moonlighter is right, he did train at tristar for that fight
  10. defs a different pup, but cut your loses and learn a lesson only serve for people you know
  11. well then your a f*****g idiot there is some top lads on here who travel ALL over the country to hunt there quarry and in turn produce some quaility dogs. granted there are some clowns like yourself but i am sure the lad wouldnt sell to an idiot.
  12. haha belter,iwonder where davidgothis shirt, you would definately pull in that like
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