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  1. Thanks for clearing that up.
  2. Wilf, thanks for the lengthy critique. Full of insults as usual. Do I live in your head rent free? At one time we had a great cyber relationship. We'd have a go at each others point of view,agreed on a lot and had a laugh. But you've come back a lot angrier and nastier than you were. I'll address some of your points. Not all of them. I've got a life outside THL. Bevan has saved millions of lives by introducing the NHS. Corbyn and Skinner ...clowns. I don't vote Labour. A hidden curriculum is what happens in a classroom without necessarily anybody intending it to happen. It'
  3. Sorry if I unintentionally downgraded you. I thought you described yourself as a diesel mechanic. Perhaps a senior moment. I genuinely apologise if I have pissed you off. You called me a fifth columnist. I'm entitled to be pissed at that.I don't hate Britain. I moan about its present state. As you do.! Long and hard. I've never hidden my contempt for the British class system. Doors are closed on people simply because of their accent or former school. And the converse is true.
  4. Thanks for a civilised answer.
  5. I never said universities are a closed door to state schiol kids. You are misquoting me again. I said Oxbridge discriminated against state pupils. They used to be bastions of public school privilege. Where only a tiny proportion of state school pupils were accepted. I think now it's 50/50, Which imo is still too high given that ony 7% of the population attend public schools.
  6. I thought the above post highly insulting. I know you have been all over the world, you have the photos to show on here. Very interesting they are too. Especially the ones which show working dogs and hawks. Pictures of yourself alone I find less interesting. I think a little of the Englander abroad has crept into your thinking. I think you consider a bit above your hosts in foreign countries. For example when you exclaimed that " we are not niggers, we don't drink from puddles." You describe yourself as a mechanic. Politics is hardly likely be a feature of conversation with the peopl
  7. Me and my son climbed Scafell last year when I was 73. I was a bit worried whether I could a) get up and b) keep up. I reached the top and there was a married couple who were 86 and 84! The woman was frail in my book but God she was game. They recommended those Nordic style walking sticks. I've got some now and they really relieve pressure on the knees,especially descending. Getting old is a mix of the physical and psychological.
  8. It's a great story about a borstal boy who is a great runner. In the story borstals used to compete in cross country events and the borstal governors liked their inmates to win so they got the reflected glory. The main character in the story is allowed privileges so he can train and he runs miles everyday. The borstal governor is convinced his boy will win the competition. Come the day of the big race the main character absolutely pisses the race, but he suddenly stops and refuses to breast the winning tape. He runs on the spot for two minutes whilst the guy in second catches up and cro
  9. Interesting article on borstal boys in the military GM. Have you ever read " Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner"? Great book/ film about naughty boys and their mindset.
  10. The very top ranks of the military are a career choice for the ruling class. As is politics. As is the judiciary. That's where raw power and money lies. Particularly in the days of empire. Of course they are attracted to the military, they own large parts of the country and they want to keep a firm hold on what they have. It's no surprise a public school curriculum has 'service' at its core. The royals are big on 'service'. This translates as doing f**k all and holding out the begging bowl to the rest of us. Service also means recruiting people like us, who own very little, to defend their
  11. 3 A star A levels got you into Oxbridge . Lots of state schools achieved that. But the vast majority of the people they accepted were from public schools. Why? They've changed now I think they've been forced into accepting more state kids than private. There has been no change in the world rankings of Oxford and Cambridge. Anyway I'm out. This could run and run and my fingers hurt.
  12. My laugh was not a sneeky go at you Stiff. It's just the realisation that we sit here furiously tapping key boards, repeating ourselves endlessly....and it's all," drivel" asMc says. I'm out chaps. Good evening.
  13. Lots no doubt but they took in a much higher proportion of public school kids. I believe they've been forced into change now that was over 30 years ago. But they were kicking and screaming about the change.
  14. Explain yourself. Dont go missing in action.
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