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  1. Falcon fn12 Hawke sport hd sights Pcp pump £300 Sunderland
  2. Looks like a dog I really miss, lineage unknown Where in he country you from? I'm from the north east mate, he's lakey fell x lakey pat
  3. I've got called rubble. Well have the paw patrol team in no time haha
  4. I'm still waiting on pictures of the others, this season coming will be there first proper one
  5. Wild bill on here his brother had one for sale don't know if its went yet
  6. Yeah they are mate. They are quite a mixed litter really
  7. A few pictures of them all grown, and all looking very well
  8. Mine was better with my son as well, would follow him all over
  9. I had a young pup that weren't very socialised, I just tried to spend as much time as I could with him
  10. Has anyone heard of this breeding? Any info appreciated thanks
  11. Hello lads, Any lads on here that could point me in the right direction, or know of any litters, must be From working parents, any help appreciated Cheers
  12. Will you not be breeding from her mate?
  13. Some very nice pups on here lads
  14. Get yourself a well bred mali
  15. Dame92

    Brady Dead

    Good! He piece of shit!
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