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  1. Proper lurcher that Cheers gaz
  2. fe very nice ,thats what my wife thinks a lurcher should look like It's storm a fair few years ago
  3. Cheers lads, yeah he's got a great jacket on him, he's 11 weeks on Friday and I've never met a more confident puppy when we're out on walks, boyo he's saluki grey deer grey x coursing dog. Samurai yeah they do look similar what's cross is yours?
  4. People want stuff for buttons
  5. Took a chance with a dog this time like couldn't be arsed with seasons etc, hopefully he gives me some fun
  6. It's been on and off showers here but had a good little break. Yeah they're nightmares every time I kneel down he runs up to me. He's saluki grey deer grey x coursing dog mate
  7. Tried to get a few pictures of the pup, not the greatest as he wouldn't stay still lol
  8. Saluki grey deer grey x coursing dog mate
  9. Young pyke in the vets yesterday getting his first jab, only 8 weeks old
  10. He's breedings on my other advert. Saluki lurchers for sale mate
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