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  1. Not sure why you quoted me into this,my comment was just a wind up aimed at tomo there were suppost to be emojis on the end.
  2. The more you do, the more you get to know that it's not every day things run smoothly. It takes confidence to show the bad days. Those with the experience understand. But mainly it was a wind up by Rew. TC
  3. ,I wouldn't let the land owner see the video,all those rabbits going away
  4. Very small minded of supposedly dog men,to think a greyhound is a greyhound,that's like saying a bull x is a bull x,or saluki is a saluki and you would breed from one just because of its breed rather than its temperament,would you breed from a bull x,that doesn't work or a saluki that could kill a hare??probably not.so why breed from a greyhound that wasn't game or keen,and wouldn't chase or is a messer on the track,I'd prefer a pup from a greyhound that's prey drive was sky high and that's worked or would give 100% on the track.
  5. its the really honest A7 bitch or duffer level coursing dog that will make a better worker rather than a top flight animal like razzmatazz...depends a lot on how they were reared as well id say--back in the day a lot of irish dogs were reared in a more rough and ready manner....no matter what though its unlikely to have a long lifeWhat you basing that assumption on???Before you reply with your answer,I'll just tell you I have 45 greyhounds in the kennel at the moment,and razz would be the first I'd take everyday of the week,pure speed aside,this dogs prey drive is like nothing I've seen,even c
  6. For the lads asking,YES,RAZZMATAZZ is still about,he,s lying with his feet in the air on my sofa as I type,lol From the stuff I've seen and heard about,he's suppose to be throwing some descent animals, As for using a greyhound for working!!its not something I would advise,if you got the right one,it would do most things a good lurched could do.your trouble is you would have limited number of runs per night,if you over ran it you would be spending some serious money on vets bills with acidosis etc,i guarantee it will spend more time on bed lame than it will working.greyhounds are finely tuned
  7. It usually shows first after a run,the best thing to do is put honey,glycerine and tcp in a spray bottle with warm water and give her a few squirts down the throat a few times a day.
  8. Dogs are not wolves!!!!apart from size and shape what are the difference???hardly nothing,from the time food goes in one end n out the other,dogs and wolves are nearly identical in physiology.when you cook food for dogs you can make it harder for them to digest.by the way rabbit meat fed alone is a poor source of nutrition(great as part of a varied diet).as long as you have a good worm n flea programme there nowt wrong
  9. I personally would get a pup out mooching around in daylight running the odd rabbit won't do any harm,I definitely wouldn't lamp them so young,I ruined what potentially could of been the best lurcher I have ever owned by lamping him at 5 months,he ran 3 rabbits and caught all 3,but yapped on them from that day on,as with letting a pup develop I think hard running during the day around hedges etc is totally different to the twists and turns and sudden stops on the lamp.but you can look at it two ways,,,,does it strengthen joints ligaments and bones or weaken them????i personally think it's for
  10. Just look at the best broods of all time in the greyhound industry,once a dam proven to throw top quality pups,they do so in nearly every litter,regardless of the stud dog,look at west mead Hawks dam as an example,also top breeders in greyhounds hardly ever go back for a repeat mating to a stud dog,even if the litter was top class
  11. it could simply be the straw,it could be from lice,fleas,worms etc,or poor diet. Start from scratch,Change to a different type of bedding,use advocate on the dog,worm it with a good wormer,feed good quality nutritious food,a drop of salmon oil a few days a week,good amount of excercise and good grooming regime,once you've brushed the dog,rub a towel down over him following fur direction,this will fetch out the natural oils in the coat
  12. ovcourse the dam has a massive input into the outcome of the quality of pups,with her breeding hopefully she throws some good pups,will be very interesting in 2 years time to see what theyre doing,should make all rounders.
  13. if these pups only take a quater of the speed and gameness of razzmatazz believe you me they will be taking all game by the the lorry load.the difference between this gsd x,and most others is the quality in the breeding.others only use run of the mill greyhounds,razzmatazz is extremely well bred and from good consistant producing pedigree,he allso had bags of stamina.the pups are looking very well mate,good luck with them(not that you will need it)
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