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  1. Sorry mate, only get the guy yesterday. No luck, he has 3 hobs and said he's keeping 2 and promised 1 to his nephew I hopefully wont be breeding my jills this year, but I have a mate that probably will so I will keep you in mind.
  2. Haha, no worries! I am in Larne, Ill see if i can get a hold of him in the next few days and let you know.
  3. Where are you based mate? Might know of one going, fella near me has a few hobs but he is a nightmare to get a hold of, doesnt have a mobile!
  4. Cheers mate. Yes, she's 5 and this is the first that something like this has happened with her, no diet change or anything. Eating, sleeping and healthy otherwise. Going to see it out next few days and maybe take a trip to vet
  5. One of my jills, seems to have developed some sort of dry skin patches near her rear legs. The spots or orange/Red, looks like dry skin but can't be sure. Anyone experienced this? I'll try and get a picture tomorrow in daylight
  6. gav1212


    Cheers delboy, I will keep that in mind. We are just in the process of clearing the shed and over the next week or 2 ill im going to start on the outdooe aviary. I will drop you a PM then.
  7. gav1212


    I'm in Northern Ireland gnipper
  8. gav1212


    Thanks for that Greyman
  9. gav1212


    Just wondering, what your guys thoughts over the winter months with an outside aviary?
  10. gav1212


    He is fine with noise - we had him down at a shop that had hundreds of the birds and it didn't bother him in the slightest
  11. gav1212


    Yea, I'm a bit stuck on the breed at the moment. I would just like the hardiest breed and just to start off with maybe 3or4 birds to see how we get on. My main worry is the winter months.
  12. gav1212


    Hi guys, just wondering if any of you keep finches. I have a son with autism and other than adoring my ferrets, he has developed a real fascination with small birds, I would really like to keep this interest going with him as he has very few things that he likes and its a great way to get him into the routine of caring for animals. I have a decent sized back garden and a 8ft x 10ft shed that I was thinking about making an outside aviary and attaching it to my shed and cutting out a few holes and having a small inside area. It would be great to see if any of you guys have something like t
  13. Looking a vasectomised hob in Northern Ireland (Co Antrim). As long as he's well handled he doesn't need to be a good worker, as he's for my young lad. I also have 3 working jills and don't want any litters for the next few years , so he'll have a good home
  14. Nice! Always fancied getting a beddie x whippet.
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