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  1. brickie

    Hushpower morning

    Good going that , keep at them
  2. brickie


    Lusitano you have pm
  3. brickie


    Nice stamp of dog
  4. brickie

    Stolen Dog

    b*****ds, I hope your mate gets them back
  5. I've been following Brett's channel for a while now and there is some really good stuff on there , definitely worth a look, always good to see how other houndsmen / dogmen work and care for their dogs
  6. brickie

    Gregg Allman Rip

    Just seen it on the news that he died last night , the music that he and the Allman brothers made had a big influence on me growing up ,and still does , Rip
  7. brickie

    New Season In France

    Very interesting seeing how it's done in France
  8. brickie

    A Very Sad Rip To One Of Our Own

    Rip my condolences to his family and friends
  9. brickie

    A Massive Shock... Warning

    Sorry for your loss mate
  10. brickie

    What you listening to at the moment.

    Went to see these last Friday in Manchester ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tel7yXwtXI8
  11. brickie


    £400 /£450 a thousand ,£11 sq m 4" ,£150 day work in North Wales at the moment , 5 minutes from house ,i could get more if I travelled to Liverpool or Manchester , i'm hoping it's our time now, money was shit after 2008 ,but getting better the last two years
  12. brickie

    Old Country Blood

    I ordered this book through here as i'm not on facebook , i've just finished reading it , if your interested in working dogs, it's a very good read ,well written with good information on some working breeds that i had not heard of before, and good chapters on irish strong dogs history ,well done to the author and i hope theres a second book in the pipeline, cheers
  13. brickie

    Update On Drahthaar .

    Cracking pictures and a lovely looking bitch
  14. Thanks to everyone who turned up today , great turnout and good day out , see you next year , i hope your on the mend Jay
  15. sun is out ,see you there lads