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  1. Young bitch to start this coming season 6 months old
  2. obviously your ferret were not of a quality of the winning ferrets which are owned by a 12 year old girl the same girl that cleaned up at Danby show under a different judge, theres nothing worse than a sore loser, if you ask the girl in question im sure she would help you out by gifting you one of her young ferret free of charge to give you a fighting chance at your next show.
  3. Brian is in hospital at the moment and has been for a fair few weeks now so you would have too give it a fair few weeks before he,ll be back on his feet
  4. Thanks for the reply True saxon i always got on well with SE and did send jester to him when there wasnt much left of him and he was getting on and finished for work but steve to my knollage couldnt get him to line a bitch and he ended his days down at steves.As said most history SE has is spot on but DW never been to the boro and who can blame him lol, wiLl try and dig a few old photos out of jester and his off sping and put them on but not the best on a pc. AD
  5. I know SE very we'll my self true Saxon and I'm not her to have an argument just putting what I know down for some of the terrier lads that we're asking for some back ground on the terriers known as wheeler terriers, what I have put up is what I know for a fact as I am AD and I owned and worked jester from 9 weeks of age, I lined Derek's bitches for him free of charge, we kennelled Tess here in the north till she died . I still have terriers bread down from jester as do a couple of very close friends. I am not trying to claim any fame or gain any thing from this just putting a bit of history d
  6. Derek never came to AD,s as Tess was already in Middlesbrough the litter was 3 pups 1 black dog dead at birth 1 brindle dog 1 red bitch as stated both surviving pups were sent down for Derek. Tess ended her days in Middlesbrough and this was her last litter.
  7. SE was involved with the second mating jester x half cross jester/ tess as the mating took place at his house but the first mating was arranged with Derek & the owned of jester the mating for this took place in the North east of England were tess (staff) was being kennelled at the time & were jester was, 2 pups were sent back to Derek a brindle dog and the red bitch sally.
  8. i now that the first bitch Derek wheeler started with was red she was the 1st cross Black patterdale dog (jester) nuttall bred dog x tess white one eyed staff the pups I saw from her were mostly reds with some blacks these were when Derek used jester again across sally the 1st cross (father daughter mating) and then using rock a dog owned by SE which he got from Derek bread out of a dog called foxy from Ledbury which was a brother of Dereks patterdale bitch Dilly
  9. Charlie was a couple of generations on bud I know we're your coming from its always nice to know the back ground of what u have. I started many moons ago with a pup from Peter Phelen a grand daughter to poker and the last litter Peter bred at the Ledbury I was alway interested in the breeding behind that line of terriers which I bred for 20 odd years. Good luck with yours bud hope they give u as much pleasure as mine gave me.
  10. im not sure i think stoke on trent but not 100% thing she went to derek via robert boothe. but i know were she ended up and were here pups were bred which were sent to derek and red bitch (sally) and a brindle dog red bitch (sally) is were they were all bred from originally.
  11. hello bud i think we both told u the same thing bud the dog was breed by nuttall out of penny. if you have the breeding to your whealer dogs does it go back to tess ? (bull) & jester (patterdale)?
  12. Poker was breed out of nuttalls penny by nuttall he had a couple of homes one with colin didrickson and ended his days with peter phelen down at the leadbury hunt kennels were peter phelen was the terrierman. wheeler terriers were started using nuttall terriers and the little white bull terrier (one eyed tess).the dog that was put over tess was double bred dog to nuttalls rocky back in the late ,s early 90,s
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