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  1. Hello Leeveiw how much are your ferret wheels with delivery and how do I pay you ?
  2. Does anyone know anywhere that sells large wheels for ferrets to run in ?.
  3. Anyone got any racey bull x to add to this thread ?
  4. Few of us came over to the show, had a great welcome and a good day at the show, the burger van done a mean 1/2 pounder and cheap too so was well happy, pubs were great but you boys need to start drinking more strongbow as the bulmers is like watered down frog piss....thanks to all for a great weekend, we'll organised and well judged, hope to make it over again in the coming years....and tractor man, lighten up buddy, ugly dogs tend to make the better workers..good sport to all this season but remember............the welsh dogs are the prettiest...............
  5. Any updates on peoples racey bull,s ?
  6. Without a doubt I would seriously think of buying him "EVERY MANS HAND." Reading this book would not only educate him about his quarry's habits but also teach him to respect what he hunts.....
  7. If anyone knows of any litters half x or 1/4 cross then can they let me know as there doesn't appear to be many about....much appreciated
  8. if anyone breeds with me, they are welcome to the whole litter bar one.........how's that ....not much for me to make on that is there....
  9. Just to clarify, it's not sour grapes about no one offering use of a hob it's the state of the hunting scene in general that's starting to go sour....I just think we all need to have a think about things and start to lose egos and start heading back in the right direction....
  10. Hot meat, I don't think anyone owes me f**k all, I have got over it and it's shit replays like this have made me lose interest in this site, the reason I wanted an eu is because I had one a few years back and really liked having it about the ferret court, it was a pleasure to look at and had more character than all other ferrets I've owned, I feed them, I clean their shit every night and I like to look at them running around....I'm happy with the ferrets I got but wanted to run one as an experiment, if it didn't work out I would deal with it...agree with you Norse, we do have to be carefully
  11. To all who read this I just wanted to put my mind across, I've recently put an add on here looking for a eu hob to use, explained that it wasn't for cash and the person I bred with is welcome to half of kits or bag of food...fair enough I thought, how many offered ???? None...so then said I'd buy a half cross in if anyone had any, replies........none.....have been in the game for a long time, have helped many people out with ferrets lurcher and terriers, never been dishonest with people and taken time to introduce others to the sport....years ago hunters stuck together, don't get me wrong we'v
  12. As above I'm looking for a half x eu to put to one of my Jill's, don't want a full eu as they tend to be too skittish, must be worked and good to handle if someone has a hob they are welcome to half the litter or a bag of ferret food as fee..Jill is four and a busy little worker.don't want to wait any longer for first litter, s Wales area preferred but will cross the border, thanks in advance
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