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  1. Got there at 1st light but only managed 1shot.
  2. The opposite with me Hullman I’m out at 1st light for a couple of hrs and very rarely see anyone.
  3. Think they are £48 delivered
  4. I shoot with 1745 dankung tubes and they are just a bit too powerful for 9.5 mm lead, I did get in touch with joe and he said he was making a batch of moulds but havnt heard owt since.
  5. theres a chap called lee Gibson and he sells em on eBay , I bought a 9.5mm Lee mold from Henry kranks they are good but wish I’d have got the 10mm or 11 mm one
  6. Can’t use a head torch so made this, it works perfectly
  7. Never even thought of that... I’ll give that a go
  8. I’m out every morning at 1st light, some mornings I see nothing then every so often the squirrels are out in force, there are pretty large oak trees where I walk and one Shot sees them playing ring around the tree, I have noticed that on sunny days they seem preoccupied with feeding and I can get a lot nearer for a shot. Today I didn’t see any till I shook a low tree with a drey in it and it exploded with four squirrels coming out.needless to say I only had one shot and missed.
  9. Nice shooting BB. There are pigeons all over now , just need a little more leaf cover to be able to stalk closer.
  10. I tried the green tube but not the band.
  11. That’s a beauty George, I have a red one on order with Henry/Bill.
  12. What width are the tips (mm) on the LT ?.
  13. Depends who’s taking the pegs out
  14. A lad that I see at jui-jitsu has show me pics/vids of his Mali bitch ferreting/ bushing and it’s a little full on but exciting to watch.
  15. Cheers BB , it’s a dream to shoot
  16. Put the squirrel between the fork, draw back to my eye/ cheek ( both eyes open.) and release
  17. A nice hr out at 1st light.
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