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  1. ive had the pleasure of meeting the stig,tilf,mick c,walshy and trish,newkid,staffs,stewie,bones,twobob,pil,paulus and alot more members,even cooked them some grub on the bar b que or maybe it was all in my head?lol-enjoy the rest of your season
  2. right you are jealously can eat you up like a mother f****r
  3. strong looking dog that atvb with him
  4. foolsbook is dangerous as f**k-never been on it and never will as long as i got a hole in my arse :yes:found out my sister in law put up pics with my children on there not having it-silly rat.
  5. expensive licenses for bull type dogs. Thatll stop em. How would I ,or my dog or the general public ,benefit from me buying a license (expensive or otherwise)??what will it stop if it was law to have one-then maybe it would stop people breeding and giving to any old chav?if they can afford a couple of hundred for a status symbol then another 50 for a licence wont hurt?no licence-dog gets destroyed?maybe only take the once before folk wake up? could stop alot of heart ache in the longrun for both dogs/owners/victims?i love the bull breeds but people are breeding the wrong type these d
  6. patt/border x s ive seen have been strong,good teeth,heads,coats and only know 1 gear invest in a locator bud as she may suprise you atvb with her
  7. when you catch a few-make sure you put them back in the river thats where they should be-same as the chub- wasted in a puddle imho-atb
  8. Is there anywhere you can buy the speaker type setup Millet told me he did it and i think he just conected a speaker straight onot the wire as it's only a electric currant so will make the speaker buzz,but saying that i will ask him how he did it anyway for you . Whats happened to him anyway? Cheers, D. HE ON MOOCHERS thank f**k -blokes a cock jockey
  9. nice that-she could be a keeper atb jai
  10. he will let you know if hes up to the job its not the dog in the fight-its about the fight in the dog hes showing good signs
  11. let him rest fully and maybe try him after xmas-in the mean time,try and get out with someone who can show you the ropes-take him along to listen to the sounds/smells-he is still young theres no rush-
  12. . Or post what if lolyou would knock a lad for not knowing so don't knock him for asking! fair point that
  13. Years ago got caught ferreting off a keeper got a good hiding off him and his mate and when a got back to the motor all the tyres had been done. hope you went back ferretting and slashed his tyres,...you know...pay back the favour. Couldn't agree more. If somebody did that to me I would make sure they were a lot worse than I was i think that day is gone as far as some keeper catching you and kicking the living shit out of you for the oddbit of lamping,but if it ever happened to me i would take the law into my own hands, cause havox around the estate,i would lamp everything,rabbits,ha
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