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  1. Hi I have a set of brand new, unused steel scope rings and mounts for a cz 550 magnum £120.00 sent. I bought them to go on my 375H&H Magnum CZ550 Magnum, but the scope I bought had a different mount arrangement (swaro rail) and so they are surplus to requirements. Happy hunting Andrew
  2. Cancel last.. Still for sale as at 14 december 2016 ...
  3. Last drop in price to £600 posted .. Andrew
  4. This scope is still for sale and still in excellent condition, and still at £650 posted
  5. Hi For sale here is my Pulsar N750 its in excellent condition and the screen is free from any pixel loss. Upgraded to Drone Pro 10x £750 posted "signed for" so you gotta be in... - recently serviced from Pulsar, although the warranty has just run out. comes with original bag, remote (never used), manual and lens cloth. Will accept bank transfer or cash at face to face. PM me if you have any questions pics here : http://gatoerato.net/hunting/n750/1.jpg http://gatoerato.net/hunting/n750/2.jpg http://gatoerato.net/hunting/n750/3.jpg http://gatoerato.net/hunting/n750/4.jpg http://gatoe
  6. Well done! Perhaps you could both benefit by organising for your partner a surprise day at the local spa with champagne lunch... Factor in this and win a guilt free stalk, and when you finish you get thanks rather than consternation. .. and even though it may cost double it would be a sweet arrangement Andrew
  7. Diamotaceous Earth is almost pure silica, so whilst "splashing it all over" like ole Henry Cooper I would either not breathe or wear a mask as this inhaled is seriously bad for you. regards Andrew
  8. Nice read Rich - hope the knee is holding out thanks for posting Andrew
  9. Well done ! good work on the head too ! thanks for posting Andrew
  10. nice post - even if you don't land one its a good read thanks for posting Andrew
  11. nice going FoxDropper - thanks for posting Andrew
  12. has anyone considered the .20 VarTarg - 20gr N130 =3737 f/s 32gr Vmax ....or if you want more, 20 Tactical - 27.4gr N133 = 4200f/s 33gr Vmax Ref: Todd A Kindler - The Terrific Twenties ....
  13. Nice read and great pics Matt - thanks for posting Andrew
  14. Nice going Rich! great write-up and great score as well Andrew
  15. great workmanship there Rob58 Andrew
  16. nice read once again rich - I can sense your beaming smile at the dog's rock steady behaviour from here thanks for posting Andrew
  17. Hello and welcome to the forum Andrew
  18. welcome to the forum - I'm sure you will find something of interest Andrew
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