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  1. I'm still not In, there was alot of delays.. Some my fault, some the Armys fault! But I'm still enthusiastic and have got a start date for 3rd April and I just need to re-do selection before then which I should be getting a date for soon Butch
  2. Bob Marley Eminem Tupac Winston Churchill The Queen To name just a few.. Butch
  3. Here's a proper offroader. Currently getting a 200tdi lump put In and will be recieving a lift kit when she returns.. Butch.
  4. Sorry just read you're In Liverpool..
  5. What exactly would It take for us to get out of the EU? Say If the PM decided he didn't want us to be part of It anymore would there be any consequences etc? Butch.
  6. Would love to do some mountain climbing, just trying to get a few Ideas In my head and will organise It later on In the year when I've got more free time.. Cheers, Butch.
  7. Not a bad Idea, will bare that In mind Anybody got any others? Butch
  8. Is he a big bloke Kay? I agree with you here! Somebody needs to tell some of the overweight bouncers round my way that they're not Invincible.. Arragant b*****ds do my head In! Butch
  9. I've done a sponsored abseil twice for charity when I was 13/15 and this year once my Army Basic Training Is out of the way I'd like to do something else, try raise a bit more money. I'm thinking split the money 50/50 between Cancer Research and Help for Heroes. What kind of things drum up alot of attention? Was thinking some sort of mountain climbing, 3 peaks? Or something adventurous along those lines would surely get attention and money donated? Butch.
  10. Lovely EBT you've got there mate! Does She work? Butch
  11. I usually wash In the bath and found lubing makes It easier to slot Into the 'chamber' especially of the tighter variety.. Ohhhh, we're talking about Airgun Pellets? Butch
  12. Bringing back an old thread.. Are these cheap Baikal single barrels chambered for 3" carts? Butch
  13. Does that mean I'm off your 'to do list' now? Butch
  14. 14 and a half actually you b*llend! Butch
  15. Watching this at the moment on Sky, makes for a pretty good watch. I drink every weekend, sometime's In town, sometimes down the local pub or sometimes just at home and have seen my fair share of things In town on a Saturday night! Is anybody else watching this? I've not really drunk abroad apart from a week In Amsterdam so can't comment on anywhere else In the world. Is this problem considerably worse In the UK than most other countries or not? Something I remember (one of the only things) from my trip to Amsterdam was that us Brits were known as 'mental drinkers'
  16. Has anybody on here tried It? For those of you who don't know, you have to do a shot of Beer/Cider a minute for 100 minutes. Don't think It works out to be a massive amount of booze but apparently It's harder than It sounds. I haven't tried It.. YET. Butch
  17. Most of the cider I drink Is 4% or maybe a bit over. What else Is out there that's about 8% and doesn't taste like rats piss? Butch
  18. Yeah I'm a big fan of Pear Cider! Butch
  19. Being fairly new to the Cider scene (only started drinking a fair amount after buying a pint of Rattler down Cornwall) I thought I'd see what you lot drink. I'm a fan of most Pear Ciders, maguires rasberry cider and a pint or 8 of Aspall although I can't drink Aspall after drinking a few Pears. So what's your Cider of choice? Butch
  20. They should have just gave those Paki lads a slap and be done with it! Somebody needs to put people like this In their places and show them It's ENGLAND and not PAKISTAN! Butch
  21. We've just seen a 2 acre smallholding come up for sale and are really Interested! The add states that you could come fully self sufficient and that it has something to do with Defra about being aloud to keep livestock? Got me thinking, how much land would a family need to become fully self sufficient? I worked on a smallholding as a bit of a handyman for 3 years so have a bit of an Idea but not a great deal. It comes with 2 massive greenhouses aswell Looking for Info on livestock, aprox quanititys etc anything you guys got.. Butch
  22. I'm from Ipswich and have got a tiny bit of permission, really bugs me not having alot but I realise nobody's going to just hand It straight out to me! Good luck in finding some though.. Butch
  23. I reply with exactly the same comment everytime I see a thread like this.. Frosts Clipper! Butch
  24. How much more are the 3 shot semi's? Butch
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