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  1. I'm not a builder but have done all sorts of handy work and labouring, what's involved?
  2. I think It's time to start saving! By the end of the year hopefully I'll have enough cash Butch
  3. Haha, take one for the country!
  4. The only thing stopping me time wise I money.. So If I could spend longer out there earning money I'd love it! I like to think I'm alright at English but because I was a little tw*t at school, I only got a D and an E In English. Also I'm only 19, would that stop me teaching out there? Butch
  5. Sweet, hopefully I'll be able to do a month on £1500 including flights.. I best get saving! Just checked and can get return flights for £525! Would It be best to book a single and then book another when I'm running low on cash so the date can be flexible or just book the return for a month later? Is there any chance of earning a bit more cash out there? But
  6. Flights seem to be about £375 one way. What's the best way to travel around Thailand etc? And how much would you budget for this? Butch
  7. Cheers guys, the east sounds good to me.. Cheaper the better as It would mean more time spent there! Is there better times of the year to go see/do things or Is It all the same? Butch
  8. Thinking about backpacking Europe How much would I need for say, a month? 6 of us flew out to Amsterdam last year and the flights were £25 so was thinking about starting there and then moving on.. Plan Is to stay In Hostels and move around by train. Eating as cheap as possible, seeing the sights and of course.. The bars! Also, what kind of things to take? Butch
  9. Awesome mate, love the idea of just driving into the middle of nowhere and camping! Tempted to get a little Berlingo Van and do the same with a tent Butch
  10. Got a turqouise Lyle & Scott in medium, dark green Ralph Lauren in medium and a red Fred Perry in large.. Just wanting to get rid of them as they're sat in my house! £20 each, £35 for two or £55 for all three Cheers, Butch.
  11. I was expecting this response.. Tossers!
  12. Dropped a heavy bit of timber on my finger at work the other day and It skimmed the side of my finger off which left a bit of skin just about attached. After about 5 days the flap of skin had died so I cut it off an now I'm left with a bit of new skin showing quite a few layers down! Should I just leave it to toughen itself up or shall I spray it with something to help it along the way? I'm a labourer so my hands need to be working Butch
  13. I'm a 90's kid and can hapilly say I experienced the go cart building, bike riding, camping, fishing and that lot aswell! Best times of my life! Butch
  14. Started a job Monday on a free range Chicken farm, helping build the new 'pen' just general labouring really aswell as driving the dumper and the 'Merlo' Plan on sticking It for 6 months or so then looking for something better paid as I'm only on minimum wage. Thinking of looking at farms etc? What do general farmhands, Tractor drivers earn roughly? And what other skills could I learn to give me a better chance of a Job? Butch.
  15. If you were closer I'd have snapped this up! Butch
  16. Bit of a longshot but got a Cream leather Armchair that I need to get rid of, a few little marks but apart from that good condition! £40 pick up from Ipswich.. Leon
  17. Well done mate, I'm sure somebody will have It! Butch
  18. I'm 19 with 0 no claims and managed to find a £800 quote on go compare for a 110 Defender! All the other companies wanted 2k + Butch.
  19. As above, Army's f****d me over so need a job and was willing to do anything to get some cash flowing In! Although this actually sounds pretty Interesting.. Spoke to him on the phone and he said he'd had 30 others ring up but most of them were just after any old job and he wanted somebody who was really Interested which he said I sounded. He rears 20,000 (this year wants to build a pen for another 20,000) Chickens for laying then when the laying period is over he gets them slaughtered. Going down tomorrow to have a look around and have a chat! I've done a bit of Pheasant rearing on a small scale so have a small bit of knowledge. Is there anything I should know that might help me at all? Butch
  20. Just found this on the 'net along with some videos on YouTube.. An amazing story If you ask me! Just thought I'd share.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_the_lion Butch.
  21. That Dog getting put down was probably the best thing for the poor thing! Sad but true.. Butch.
  22. Nothing I love more than being bossed around by fat dykes! Butch
  23. Going In as Vehicle Mechanic, do 14 weeks at Bassingbourne for Basic and then move onto Bordon.. Butch
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