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  1. thanks mate, will give it a go tommorow, now i just need some snares ive pm'd woodga but havent had a reply yet leon
  2. haha, so can someone tell me what to say, do i just introduce my self and then say i was wondering if it would be possible to set a few snares on your land ??? leon
  3. ok thanks mate i know where the farmers houses are so will give them a go, i will offer to help out when they need it but already work sundays so i would have to help after school what do i say ? just introduce or get straight to the point ? thanks leon
  4. ok mate, will go for a walk tommorow and see if i can find any beats yes im hoping that the farmers will think im doing them a favour so its best to knock on their doors, but i really wouldnt know what to say lol, any ideas ? sorry for all the questions thanks leon
  5. ahhh i see lol will wait untill woodga gets back to me then take it from there. leo
  6. yes i saw that but didnt really know what beats meant, does it mean runs ??? i now know the height and size of the noose any advice on getting permission ? thanks leon
  7. i have read them but thanks anyway mate. how do i know where to set one ? leon
  8. where are they and what do you do ??? if its not really far im sure i could find a campsite near leon
  9. i have sent him a PM regarding snares but am not a regular poster here so didnt know he done a snaring dvd so i will defo look into it thanks for letting me know leon
  10. Hi guys im calling upon your help I was given a snare a few days ago and would like to get a few more (have sent Woodga a PM) firstly i need permission from one of the farmers round here but that could be difficult as im only 15, so whats best letter, phone call or to meet in person ?? how do i go about it ? Now for the most important bit, how do i snare ? how high of the ground ? how big does the noose have to be ? and anything else that would help me thanks guys leon
  11. Well, my nan has a 3 year old lab bitch that we have took on the shoot for two years now, she follows me all the time on the shoot and i am now hoping to train her how should i go about this ? i am going to train her generally first (sit, heel, stay) and then move onto the gundog training but not untill she can do the general perfectly off the lead i have a dummy and a few books but am currently reading "the rough shooters dog" (an old one) thanks leon
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