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  1. With every reply my excitement gets worse lol! Flights aside, how much would you budget for each month?
  2. Just read the other replies, I'm even more excited to go now! The 'circle' idea sounds like a good'un to me.. As soon as the new year comes, I'm going to save save save.
  3. That's looks awesome! I think a mixture of muff and things like this are needed.. How much would you budget for flights and when would be the best tome to book them for?
  4. Thanks very much makem, hands off everybody.. Those 3 are mine!
  5. Haha thanks very much! I think I spoke to you on the other thread where I was starting to think about travelling? I've got £1k here, just need to save the rest which I plan on doing after the new year..
  6. Riiiiiiiight, I want to go travelling and thought it was a good idea to get a bit of information before I head off.. I'm thinking, enjoy our 'summer' here and then head off to Bangkok with a flexible return ticket (you an get these, right?) The plan is to just travel using various kinds of transport to wherever takes my fancy.. Sights, bars, pussy etc. How much should I budget? I'm not planning on staying in posh hotels or anything and have heard that food and accommodation is cheap out that way? Is there anything else I should know? Visas etc? Cheers
  7. There's only 11 In the photo because I've only just managed to find the last one but I assure you, It's there
  8. 11 bluepoint ratchet spanners, cost me £185 new and they're hardly used.. £120 posted? Butch
  9. Hello from Ipswich mate! What hunting you into? Butch.
  10. Back again, my mate's moving to NZ In February and wants me to go over at somepoint. I was thinking of flying to NZ when I've done my travelling as I'll already be halfway there? I need time to save but was thinking in about a years time? When would be the best/cheapest time to fly to Thailand? I'm looking at single tickets incase I do fly to NZ. Butch
  11. £150, come on somebody must want it?!
  12. I've just bumped up my Webley Stingray for sale thread and It's not even showing on the forum, why's this? :S Butch
  13. Webley Stingray Carbine .22 with Scope, good condition apart from a few scratches on the bottom where I've shot off fences etc.. Ipswich but willing to post. PM me offers as I'm not 100% sure how much these are worth? Butch
  14. £160 posted, really needs to go now.. Butch
  15. Unfortunately Turkish made, not sure how much they're worth? Butch
  16. Webley Stingray Carbine .22 for sale with scope PM me.
  17. £750 spending money works out £25 a day for a month.. Do you reckon that would be enough? Butch
  18. Thankyou very much, so price wise I'll have to pay for: Open flights £600 - £700 Visa £110 Travell insurance? Butch.
  19. I think I'll probably end up booking a flight to Bangkok and going from there, just see where's reccomended and get on the train! What about Visas? If I decide to visit Vietnam etc can I buy the Visas down there? How much? Are the trains expensive? Butch
  20. This thread's helped me loads, cheers guys!
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