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  1. I have read on a couple of other sites and in the press that there is a major outbreak of deer ticks this year, and that Lyme Disease is carried by more of them than before. Lyme disease is not fatal but it can have really nasty long-term effects. Even if you are not shooting deer, be careful in deer country. Ric
  2. I don't get hangovers. Used to p*ss the missis off big-time. She'd be in bed moaning and groaning "Aargh I feel 'orrible chunder thunder" I'd leap out and go "happy happy sing and dancy how about a nice bacon sarnie luv? Pub's open in 10 minutes! Come on! Get yer fat ass in gear!" Divorced now. Wonder why?
  3. RicW


    This thread is really jumping. Coat, hat, wellies . . .
  4. I imagine that is the Scottish equivalent of DSC so yes. Is there someone on the estate who could monitor you? You have good reason for the calibre, but the law is fussy about safe and humane shooting of deer. If you have the basic qualification and someone to see you through the first few months you should have no problems. ATB with the application - you jammy sod. Free .308 indeed. Ric
  5. RicW


    Err . . . Tried switching your speakers off chaps and chapesses?
  6. With no experience to speak of you MUST have DSC 1 & 2 or an experienced monitor. Ric
  7. RicW

    f*****g Grass..

    Cross referencing . Mother in Law. Hangman's noose. Compost bin. Hmm . . .
  8. OK, what range? .22lr, 17 Hmr, .22WMR, .204 Ruger, .22 Hornet, .222, .223, .22-250, .220 Swift, .243, 6mmbr, 6.5 x 55. I'm sorry chap, but it's such an open question! 12 bore with the right cartridge, out to 40yards?
  9. Back-track through this forum mate. The question is a hardy perennial.
  10. Well yes but . . . What ammo were you using? From what I've read on here, CCI can be really dodgy in some guns. Long cases that stick in mags and jam in breeches. Try a few different makes before you blame the gun - or yourself!
  11. RicW


    Figures - in Wales!
  12. RicW


    Shouldn't he be in a black plaggy bin-bag? Ric
  13. Why bother? Apply for a FAC, get a .22lr.
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