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  1. Contact scott-powell@live.com As not seen posts until now
  2. Forgot to mention 2.3/4" 70mm chamber 28" barrel Single Select trigger Ejector
  3. i am selling my lanber sporter 12g shotgun, comes with full set of chokes really good condition beautiful shotgun £450 collect from lymm, cheshire
  4. nice one for that link mate been looking for the conical lenses for ages after the guy of ebay stopped selling them. cheers. they are really mint for lamping i sold my deben max pro as i used my ultrafire+red bulb+conical lense more
  5. wats wrong with the torch in link i gave you
  6. nope & nope get one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261122141571?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 same thing but with adjustable beam & and takes standard batteries - bought one the other day there great, i own a couple ultrafires 501 also there great but limited to non adjustable beam so very strong and can scare quite a few rabbits. - however one thing that is great is an ultrafire 501b + red bulb + replacing the glass lens with a conical one - a guy on ebay used to make them and sell them.
  7. for a fac rifle in this country i would agree its the rapid for overall performance, just do your research - oh and the price for the edgun is £1400
  8. hi mate. yes mine is set at sub 12 at the minute as i use sub 12 the most. sub 12 noise is very quiet i have heard quieter like my old hw100 but still quiet. fac power noise i cannot speak from experience with it but from online reads etc i imagine its still quiet. the daystate + silencer in my guess would probably be quieter but its just so f*****g long and the same with the rapids fac + silencer.
  9. fantastic read mate sounds like you had a great time
  10. got mine at legal limit atm does 50 fac - 200+ 12ft/lb groups great with 5 fps spread the single shot part is something that you get used to however ed (the owner of edgun) is currently making a multishot breach which will fit mine as for spares there is no problem at all, there is an airgun shop in holland that ship spares next day but also edgun will soon have a representative in uk if not already. you can order spares from ed himslef but just take a little longer to come one thing i love the most from the rifle is the customer service - ed is fantastic to say the least, ive sent dozens of emails before & after to him and he always gets back to me rather quickly despite having so much work on. since it is a small company compared to big named guns, you get a much better personal service. he even emailed me after a review i put on here to say thanks.
  11. Airwolf vs Huntsman for fac, should you not be comparing the mk4 to the airwolf. The airwolf and the huntsman are completely different, the air wolf is the obvious choice for fac between them two, but when you throw the mk4 in there, i think you get the rifle most suited to yourself, you get a great number of shots for fac hunting (50) instead of huntsman (35) plus the technology of the airwolf but with the better weight for hunting and more sporter style rifle for target/hunting. i think you should look between airwolf & mk4 for that price range fac. or go one step further and get yourself the ultimate fac hunting rifle like i did - the edgun matador when i was looking i was torn between mk4/airwolf/rapid but the length annoyed me untill i saw the matador then i instantly made my decision scott
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