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  1. There actually not that bad VM i like it alot more than i do gaffers pulsar i cant use,that thing at all
  2. I zeroed it,up about 25-30 yards,nick them,pellets where spot on for me buddy
  3. Hello all just thought id share a pic of my mfr with the new scope and ns200 iv bought today l, i got them both at an absolute barging the scope is a hawk nite eye 6.5-20x50 ao ir and the ns200 on top cant wait to get out with it and see how the ns200 preforms Thanks DD
  4. As above are these scopes any good? And,what sort of price would I be looking,at ? thanks DD
  5. Hope you enjoy it nick and put it to good use
  6. Haha skot there brilliant mate the T-Rex-200 shoots just as good as my sfs stage1 97 did
  7. Thanks mac vislauk is full of knowledge and very helpful, my internals are brilliant there's no,twang just a little thud like my old sfs tuned 97 did so maybe someone had,fettled with my TX already? Are you rebluing the,action? If so what you using? I need a little advice on,wats,the best way to do it and best products ect
  8. Never shot an mmc but the ultra se is a superb gun only reason I'm selling it is because I have the theoben mfr so no need for another pcp
  9. Thanks mark, its a .22 its a brilliant rifle
  10. Morning all, I'm in need of a little help! I recently purchased a tx200 as a project for my self on my days off work, it needs totally re bluing which I'm glad as that means I get to do some work onit, my question is what's the best way to do this? I will be sanding the action lightly to get shut of the bits of old bluing still left on the gun, should i sand it till the bare metal is alway through? But what is the best stuff to re blue it? Is the paist better to use? Any help and tips will be very much appreciated thanks in advance DD
  11. Nice one mac the,bluing on mines abit rough but stock is perfect and shoots so smooth no,twang just a thud ill try get some pics up for you
  12. Back shooting a springe again after abit of thinking I decided that I wanted a Springer as a little project whilst off work and really liked the look off the tx200 and when this early mk3 popped up at a good price I just couldn't resist, the blueing isn't up to much which I'm glad as I can have a go at the work myself, it shoots absolutely amazing very smooth and I no its a bold statement but its shoots just as good if not better than my sfs stage1 97kt I had, I scoped it up when I got home getting,tight groups with as field Diablo managed to bag a dove at 30yards but landed in the long nettl
  13. IV got a chance of an early mk3 well that's what the lads says but in wondering did the early mk3 come with the mk2 stock and what sort of price would I be looking,at thanks DD
  14. I have one less than a year old fitted,with a twink mk2 and a custom John bowkett bigball £400 I'm in doncaster
  15. I'm looking for a sfs tuned one bud thanks though
  16. Looking to swap my mint condition bsa ultra se .22 + cash my way for either a hw97kt or a hw98 .22 or .177 not to fussed pic can be,sent on request
  17. IM wanting a better upgraded reg all the upgraded internals, just basically anything they can do to make this rifle better
  18. the gun was bought brand new less than 12 month ago from redbeck not Evan fired 100 pellets through it, the gun is fitted with a twink mk2, AGS 4-16 x 50 ir pa scope, custom john bowkett big ball, 1 mag fill probe and s tin of airarms diabolo field not Evan,been opened, csnt upload pics but can text them if needed, £400 no offers located Doncaster
  19. Good morning all could anyone recommended a good theoben tuner? IM after my mfr tuned if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be a great help thanks dd
  20. Not posted on here for a while due to work ect but finally managed to get myself on and have a look what everyone is up to, and was wondering what cars:/4x4 everyone was using/has , I'll start off with my new car picked it up Monday, it's an audi a5 s line and I'm over the moon with it
  21. Nice shooting again Stuart, I had a look at the panorama and it looks a brilliant scope really clear looks a nice scope for the price
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