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  1. I don't no mate all I do no is that it shoots mint and very smooth
  2. Said there's some custom,parts inside I didn't go into much with him I shot it and shoots alot nicer than a standard one and don't no much about,the scope only that its a,bushnel 3-9x50 I think
  3. Right lads im selling these i would love to keep them but there hardly getting used and its a shame really as there nice guns, the hw98 is .22 flavor mint condition, been fettled by the previous owner and shoots really smooth and very nice to shoot it will come with a bushnel scope im wanting £310 no offers the second one is a hw57 .177 nice little gun comes with a optik 3-9x50 im wanting £160 pm me for pictures im in south Yorkshire
  4. Cheers mac I prefer this to the 97 better looking rifle imo
  5. hello all iv not posted on here for a while, i got the hw98 2 days ago and christened it yesterday with a squizzer and a woody, git the squizzer at 30 yard standing unsupported shot down he went, got the pigeon 30 yards but couldnt get through the thick to get to him but he dropped stone dead, brilliant rifle lad i got it off fettled with it and has done a brilliant job very accurate
  6. if he's anything like it's sire you'll be more than happy with him
  7. Morning all, I bought a hw98 .22 yesterday and was wondering what pellets are best ? IV tried AA Diablo field but the group isn't tight enough, are H&N FTT and jsb exact any good ? thanks DD
  8. Up for sale is my mk2 bsa s10 .22 few hunting related marks but nothing majour, comes with AGS 4-16x50 scope, gun bag and half tin of accupell im looking for £350 or will px for another gun what you got? Pm for pics as i can upload atm thanks DD
  9. Hello all has anyone,heared of del ? Been told,hes good,with s10's has,anyone delt with him ? Thanks DD
  10. Nice read daz, i agree with the others get a karbine but .177
  11. Can't beat a .177 mac I don't think I could ever be without one now, I think you've made a wise move, hope you have alot of fun with it atb DD
  12. Nice one mate, you can't beat shooting a theoben
  13. Nice one nick! Its nice to see the ultra been put to good use instead of playing 2nd best,with my mfr, glad your happy with it, atb Dan
  14. Can anyone help me, I'm wanting to record with my ns200 and angle eye mini DVR, what cable or adapter do I need? Any help would be great
  15. Cheers moxy, hopefully I'll be out again this week bag a few more
  16. Yeah the quality is brilliant, I was comfortable with it straight away, the gafer has the pulsar and I can't get on with that at all, I hope to get out again sometime this week try and,bag a few more
  17. its a brilliant peace of kit mac I dropped on price wise but I definitely wish I got one sooner
  18. Well I managed to get an hour out with the new nv setup on a horse paddock I shoot on, I managed to get 4 rabbits, I missed 2 but I'll be back for them lucky ones lol these were all taken from the ranges of 30/40 yards, the ns200 is a brilliant bit of kit and works amazing with my mfr atb DD
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