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  1. Ulsters Sons

    Celtic Complaint

    The Panda was one of Gazzas best friends . :toast:
  2. Ulsters Sons

    Stolen, Cork

    Bryan hope theres a bit of luck in getting your pup back ,after reading this topic these Tinkers seem to be running Cork and these thefts
  3. looking good for us to ask for a lent of ,you must know what the 12th of july is .
  4. Perfect colour for us walking on the 12th of july .
  5. Ulsters Sons

    Disco 300

    Done a lad a nice favour whilst over in Birmingham ,He offered me his Discovery ,its a Y reg ,clean enough ,needs M OT .Suppose i shouldve just booked it on Boat ,maybe get a guy to lift it for me before the xmas .How much are they roughly for that year .
  6. Ulsters Sons

    Stolen terriers

    Seems an every day occurence ,with a bit of luck they will turn up ,if they did not appear on camera at all mate seems they knew your layout of kennells .where to avoid and where not .
  7. Ulsters Sons


    Seems you know the place well Mackem ,and know what they are like ,creepy bunch give us The Hebbie Jebbies .
  8. Ulsters Sons


    Not being a racist ,as i come from a wee country who has had differences over thirty years ,but over at Daughters and grandkids home in Birmingham is it run by Muslims or Indians .
  9. Ulsters Sons

    Hidden cameras

    Scary out there for the men who is actually still working their terriers as these cameras fell into wrong hands it could be a mans career ruined having a days outings in the fields .
  10. Any word on Staff class ??,Mudd ask that headcase Murphy yourself why he tails me ,dont be bringing me into any of your stupid disagreements with other guys just because they are on this site before or after me ,if you want to be on it all day long fair dues to you but ive better things to do.
  11. Ulsters Sons

    old pics

    Top class photos bed whippet ,they must be better than The Gafers as hes asking you to remove yours .
  12. Ulsters Sons

    Cars from the 80s and 90s....what would you have?

    Our Colin some driver ,best car for a laugh was the dogs getting took out of the front of the bonnett on a Skoda ,Farmers face was PRICELESS .
  13. Ulsters Sons

    F.I.F.A. & POPPY'S

  14. Any of the old staff classes ,like we use to have at stevies show in tandragee .
  15. Ulsters Sons

    Stop-end is the man!!!!!

    Stopend seems to be a very well informed man on the terrier scene ,prob a man whos been about for a year :boogy: