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  1. i got it from a selling site on facebook - if your patient you can pick up some cracking deals
  2. Hey guyss cheers for the replies - on my phone here I havent been online so I cant read all my replies but will tommorrow at at work: Ive ended up with the AIR ARMS SS410f Superlite with scope and bag bottle and fill adaptors - I had to put some of money elsewhere as something came up but I got speaking to a great bloke who was selling the gun - mint condition with scope and bag etc and I paid £550 all in including my bottle with 5 year test - ive had a go at targets and im getting good grouping at 30 yards considering its been years since I shot - really happy with it - tried to get out t
  3. got a bit more cash now so i'll post of pick of what i go for tomorrow hopefully!
  4. I agree, had a pre charged and loved it so i'm sticking to my guns
  5. I'm in two minds wether or not to buy this and a scope but its old technology haha, anyone shot one of these?
  6. yeah cool, well I had a good win on my dinner at work so my pot is now £790 - this is for scopes, bag, rifle and charging eqipmemnt whether that be bottle or pump, i'm almost in brand new price range and I'm eager! thinking a trip to Blackpool air rifles tomorrow ma be in order, another £50 should seal the deal
  7. no no the horse hasn't bolted, i'll be reading opinions for sure - like i say i need to go hold and have a look at a HW yet and I do like the r10's - what does the tune include and do? and moxy tell me about the rapid i'm all ears - price range etc?
  8. well my pots up to £650 so I'm nearing a good second hand set-up I hope. what's the difference between KT and S in the Hw100'?
  9. there's a fella selling this: HW100s .22 for sale hawke hd sport 3x9x50mldot scopes sling 2x 14 shot mags (.22) filling adapter nice hard quality bsa bag still got owners manual and chrono certificate from hull cartridge (11.4ftlb) very clean near new condition £720 ono with bsa/hills stirrup pump If it doesn't go I may be able to get it, its the 100s, like you say though I want to hold one first
  10. yeah i will, i think i'm going to take a trip to my local gun dealer and have a look at them first, make sure it 'fits' - i'll be looking in the used market i think, would love the thumb-hole version but possibly a bit pricey for me once I have purchased the charging equipment
  11. all roads point to HW100 then! I'm a .22 man so i'll be having a good luck around, cheers villaman
  12. cheers, i'll avoid daystates on that, for the price you pay you'd expect better, what do you mean by power curve on the AA's? I'm leaning toward the HW's - any more info on the R10's?
  13. Right then, basically I sold all my tackle ages ago like a tit - I'm now looking to purchase myself one of the above, I've been out of the game a while but the guns listed BSA R10 mk2 and HW100 S/T/KS or one of the cheaper daystates or the AA's pre-charged range - i'm thinking something along these lines. I love the looks and shot capacity of the R10's - quite like the tactical as-well so would save a few bob, I know that the Weihrauch's were well liked and highly rated by some of the air rifle people on here when I used to be a regular years ago, I've also seen a few half decent Daystates
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