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  1. That looks similar to the one Target sports are knocking out. It's plastic so drop it once and it could be gone ! The Target Sports caller, Cass Creek I think it's called, retails for around £39.95.
  2. And he's just bought himself a tyke pup!!! :11: .... Who the hell is going to dig the little fecker out for you Hawky in your condition ??..... Fecking hell NO!!!!!!......NO WAY!!!!!.....NEVER!!!!! :ph34r: ....YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!!!!!??........ Fellman will NEVER manage it!!..... :11: . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Feckin' classic, what with his hernia an all ! Feck the diggin' fellpony, let me get you fit walking the fells first mate.
  3. I hear Frain is a very talented artist also..... . <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I see my thoughts have been vindicated by the very brief review afforded Mr Frains latest offering (via this weeks Shooting Times), that being, "Rabbiting with Dog, Gun, Hawk, Ferret, Hound, Lawnmower, Strimmer, Smoker, Toaster et al". And I quote; "It's a little utilitarian" and "a bit text book" and it's "replete with poorly focused black and white photographs" . I rest my case. Buy it at your peril!
  4. I've the same problem Hawkeye. I'm susceptible to going over on the old ankles, and in fact did this a few months ago during work. Walking in deep heather, I went over on my left ankle and nearly collapsed in pain. It's never been the same since then. I've a pin in my right ankle which doesn't help and I need to concentrate late in the day if I'm to remain upright whilst coming off the fells. The doctor said "it'll happen all the more as I get older"....c*nt :realmad: !! Just recently found out that I've a feckin' bunion , so that's a new pair of boots as well. I might take Chillits advice to
  5. Stabs, are they suitable for walking feckin' miles over fell and crag or just for the short jobs, walked up, mooching :ph34r: etc?
  6. Anything by that Frain chap. Top gear.
  7. Another great day with the rabbit hounds. Put a coney up straight from the off but it headed into town so we drew on. Rabbit hounds then marked in a bad spot and the ferret wasn't going to be risked so on we went. Another coney got up out of some bracken and took us on a merry dance over the fell and back round, where he was lost in sheep spoil. We were just about to box up when one or two hounds entered a small patch of bracken...BINGO, our culprit, I mean coney was here and headed back to the forestry. The farmer, on hearing the hounds approaching, stopped fixing his roof and climbed dow
  8. Sporadic outbreaks near to me. Last year I shifted about a dozen during the spring-early summer, from a small paddock area that was surrounded by houses and an indutrial estate. Very much overpopulated, the foxes were a terrible sight. I live trapped one later in the year that was as healthy as feck and was released. I've had no call this summer, so it looks like the problem has gone...for now!
  9. Another superb day today with the rabbit hounds . We had a couple of bucks and a doe. Wednesday and we had another doe.
  10. Got to agree Mouse :11: . Why the feck didn't they ban it earlier? This form of hunting (rabbit) is much more fun. We caught three large coneys on saturday. Six bolts but only caught three. Rabbiting again weekend, it's a right pain.
  11. Excellent post Grouty . You can't beat the unpredictability of a "walk up". I see it's still summer down your way. I walked out with the Terrier yesterday morning but without the gun and it was like walking into Noahs feckin' ark! Game everywhere. Pigeon feeding on elderberry with squirrels joining them...geese flying to graze on nearby pasture...my lad took a line and out popped charlie boy about 100 yds in front and quickly disappeared again into a blackthorn hedge! The odd bunny or two. I returned naively last evening with the gun and shot feck all! I'm due a Canada cull. Lovely photos mat
  12. You've got to laugh at their heading and first few lines..."HUNTING BANNED" "Now hunting has been consigned to the blah blah blah". Somebody forgot to tell a million fieldsports supporters! I'm tempted...very tempted to show, that in fact, life goes on and will continue to for the hunters of this country. f**k THE BAN.
  13. Know what you mean Fellpony. We (5 of us) necked 105 cans, 10 pints of cider, a bottle of Baileys, a bottle of Ginger wine and 5 bottles of wine, from friday night onwards. Lots of greasy fry ups, pork pies and Bar B Qs. I had my works medical last thursday and the old collestrol was sound! It ain't today though. A little poorly now! :sick: Good to meet folk. Fellpony, did you get the two collars at a discount?
  14. If there's any connoisseurs or closet supporters of this noble art on here, you should be in Ramsbottom tomorrow for the "Black Pudding Throwing Championships". Watch guys and girls hurl widows memories up a f****n' lane somewhere in Lancashire. Be there or be...wise!
  15. Mystery texter strikes again. The 1960s pop group "The Animals" have apologised today after stating that in fact there ISN'T a house in New Orleans after all! :sick:
  16. Just got this via a text from someone, don't know who. "If New Orleans is the home of jazz, what the feck are Katrina and the Waves doing there"? :sick:
  17. Yep, TESCO, but do it online, it's cheaper . My daughter's with them. She's got a 1.3L Ford KA insured with TESCO and pays about £750. The pass plus scheme doesn't come into play here, which is a scam anyway! Good luck.
  18. Spot on Charlie. They (The CUNTrymaids WEAKly), have been trying to push a new maggy about the countryside etc, no hunting or anything connected with the subject, changing tack from what hunting matter they did have in their shite rag. I've never seen this new effort for sale YET. It's feckin' nosedived. Anyone got an address to mail the the new organisers? Plummer must have had something to do with this! :realmad:
  19. Has any reason been given Stabs? If I were Dave, I'd run a kind of stall from the boot of his car, though he won't, I know. This is a very popular stall and meeting place. Could Dave have ruffled a few feathers with his truthful, forthright views or is it that the idea of having a true working and STILL working magazine on show, has caused offence? I'd have thought that limited space is a poor excuse. :realmad: f**k the CAs stand off and replace it with Dave's I say. I'll certainly be letting the organisers know my feelings on the matter. So is the meeting place for Terrier enthusiasts to b
  20. I'll eat a little humble pie now. That Mirror critic was quite right in his condemation. Those trophy hunters/taxidermists take it to another level. The trap set to take the beautiful Leopard, to be stuffed...words fail me.
  21. "Taxidermy: Stuff The World". Documentary going behind the scenes of this years Taxidermy Championships in Illinois. Tonight BBC2 at 9.00pm, for a good hour and a half. Read-ups are good, especially the one in the anti paper "The Mirror". The critic was trembling with rage! C*nt!! :realmad: I'm off to check my traps. :ph34r:
  22. cragman


    You'll probably get a lot more satisfaction out of that little job than all the others Moll. I got a call yesterday from a guy who had been given my number. "Can you come and ferret these paddocks, there's thousands of rabbits and the lady who owns the paddock is frightened of her horses coming a cropper in one of the holes they've made". I went to look at the job in hand last night. We must have seen six, if that. They all made for a small warren, so when I go back on saturday to sort it, if they head that way, they're dead meat. But thousands! "I was right wasn't I" the guy said as we left
  23. Is she scratching because of the ticks? Without seeing her, it's a little difficult to say. In the past I've always used Benzyl Benzoate for skin complaints associated with mange. The cream's available from your vet. This needs careful application, as the cream can and does block the skins pores. Wash it off after a few hours and reapply a couple of days later.
  24. Canadas are still moulting up this way Stabs, they're grounded at the moment. Terrier chased about forty into the reser this morning. Although they can't fly, they flap and run along the ground. Very wary at the moment. After seeing this post, think I'll go for a walk with the gun. Now then, the TX or the shotty?
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