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  1. see her run once three from three class animal
  2. db owns some great pures fact probley some of the best in the country wats your claim to fame boys
  3. street accident that was just a name i no the man that owned him max on here will tell you that mating wer planed not some old bitch roaming the streets lookin to get lined chances of that pretty thin and to be honest i never really ratted his offspring [BANNED TEXT] the goin got tough but on his day very good as was his owner with a dog
  4. thats my point mate most unless theyre in the no wont get acsess to the best because theyve been giffted or sold most them adverts out there are as dc says people using name to make a quick buck also there should be a lot of reaserch done before buying a pup most out there advertisin are full of sxxx
  5. and if done right will produce better than them self
  6. aussie you are wrong of course they produce as in race horses pigions etc its genetics and if you get it right jobs done its plan to see through the lines of dogs that exist today
  7. anything worth buyin wont be advertised therell all be sold before there born and men that miss out waitin for the next litter if it happens
  8. db fb and land drivers have ruined our sport beyond repair fact im affraid you can discuse this all day long march till your feet drop off nothing will change the damage is done end of old pal
  9. aint heard of anything other than the bulldozer litter worth talkin about the bitch he went to was a champion and top producer so as in most breedin bitch proved herself as producer just my opinion
  10. defo works them pain killers are usless
  11. origin mate best dry out there and plenty beef or lamb you wont go far wrong feedin that to any dog goats milk and fish job done
  12. cheers mate you defo no that breedin
  13. dc i aint been abel to wet a line last season but if the offers still open for a day next season thanks
  14. so fens was fred involed there was he the sire
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