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  1. Chesney sure if this Mr White has info on these dog robbers why don't he get the man's dogs back instead of talking about there all brave behind phone or keyboard go down get man's dogs back
  2. How u make out 36 county’s in Ireland its ÉIRE 32 COUNTY'S
  3. That was one bright spark who freeze branded his name on side of dog
  4. I still can't understand why they let u go home every evening lol
  5. Don't think that's the transit that's taking the dogs lol they are near extinction that model and wouldn't pull the socks off a whore on street
  6. They all don't come like a painting u get the good bad and ugly in each line.just my opinion
  7. No but I'm on deaths bed at minute sick as a small hospital here haha
  8. Just looks something like stuff off a bitch of his which is off ac stuff lol
  9. Bred them off me own bitch.gave one to mate as pup got him back at weekend.c**t for barking but we're he is now won't be heard lol
  10. Yah he sound young lad great to see them into it.better than the playstation
  11. Good bitch from what few lads told me down there.he be mad for the season to start soon lol
  12. Mds bitch good bitch from what I've heard shovel shy
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