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  1. Yah the soldier blood one's do yah head in quietest one I had in yard was bitch off Jack and tanner I've one there off her she just same as her pure layed back
  2. Bull u must of had got a good one in kennels usually there bouncing off pen roaring there head off whole time
  3. Certainly a higher percentage of workers from that line of dogs. Its good to see the line continuing from men that have dogs from it. Some says it thinning out now with lads not breeding for right standards but there is no shortage of the bloodline in Ireland or uk
  4. That's mick son Chesney dug over him a lot years ago
  5. A few more dogs bred off mick stuff some be double bred
  6. Nice dogs mick produced some good stuff his blood is lot yards today
  7. A son of ac mick grandson and greatgrandson be also grandson of soldier blitz
  8. Chesney úd no this dog good decent worker has produced good dogs to
  9. Spit it out who u are referring to or jog on since I've been reading this topic u haven't posted a dog or anything just few sly remarks towards lads if u have anything to say to me say it
  10. By no means a bully dont like them sort of people myself. Please in enlighten me who I have bullied then. I won't let anyone walk on my shoulder
  11. Yah fine dog there his 2 sisters and dog cover bitch there uncle
  12. Few mates dogs I had enjoyment of digging over well bred dogs
  13. Il leave it at that with you not causing a row on good thread but say he didn't like peddlers he maybe right but of men didn't sell dogs pups how do u expect any young lad to get into dogs if can't buy them
  14. Fatman not going to get into argument with u over this but u say he had no time for peddlers and that u also said no genuine digging man would sell a working dog. Didn't [BANNED TEXT] mate peddle good few pups and workers down the years its just a simple thing most terrier men in Ireland think of there pocket first and deny it later on and yes its a good thread il leave it at that
  15. Are u serious he got threatened and left the board some man him if he left board over threats but then again he did step on lot mens toes over the years grow pair balls he should
  16. Just looks like his asses head with a pick axe breed dog in hands lol
  17. Is that Neil Cooney didn't think he'd have a dog anything to do with booth lol
  18. There still being bred and gifted among mates they have the blood but might not be directly from the original breeder but do same as his do
  19. Shovel shy he should go back to templemore learn how to spell lol superintendent walker wouldn't be happy with him enjoying hunting and shooting.
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