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  1. Get me on Facebook or 07754881782 I can take care of it
  2. Is there much about from him chesney
  3. Is there much about from him chesney
  4. He's a fine thing alright I haven't dug to him myself but the boys reckon he is bang on
  5. False peds the bottom one is a son of wally and the other two are from his son
  6. Brother and sister for next year
  7. He was dead on we had him a few seasons but it got a little hot up here so he went back down the road just incase
  8. Did you ever see a dog called wally he sent him up to the north then we sent him back down just before Jimmy went to America I think it was
  9. Decent aul 3/4 my mate had too
  10. Yeah I never found a bitch for him ended up using a Wheaton bitch
  11. I’ve hunted every part of Ireland nearly and they’re hard found what part where you hunting
  12. That 1/2 bred was something else for a fox no flying machine but hunted on over any ground caught some numbers
  13. I kept a few over the years but they are a rare thing now
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