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  1. she was a bit worried about the quality on ebay
  2. does anyone on here makethem to sell my wife is trying to get one for her dads birthday thanks in advance
  3. a man walking along a beach finds a lamp anyway he gives it alittle rub bang out comes this massive genie bloke .. wtf is going on genie .. right hurry up you get one wish chop chop bloke ... one you mingebag thought it was three genie ..recession hurry up bloke .. right I hate to fly but I want to go see my brother in America so I want a bridge from here to America genie .. cant do that the whole thing its just to hard the power of the water , the depth of the pilons its just to difficult sorry try again bloke .. well your a bundle of use , hows about letting me understand a woman genie .. proper stressed out now looks down and says ... this bridge 2 lanes or 4
  4. came home from work about a fortnight ago and the two eldest said dad can we sell apples on a stall outside first of all I said no your not bothering people when I went in the house there mum said have they asked you so I said yes but I said no then she explains that they just want to bag them up and give the money to help for heroes turns out that they had emailed the help for heroes and asked if it was ok to send them the collection tin and the banner . we had to tell them we where happy to let them do it anyway they have also sorted out loads of kindling to sell as well . and there was me telling them no .
  5. not many f*****g loads of English round my way they seem too be buying up every house on the market at the moment they all want too move too Scotland for some odd reason missionary work?
  6. went to see him last night got to say it was very funny .any one else seen him
  7. when they say them.you know so and so me . no never met him them . you do me . no I don't them . you do me . fuckoff
  8. do you have a cash price for the twix and pepsi
  9. anyone need one based in yo62 area pm for sizes its new and in box cant tell if its all there but I would assume so its stainless so to good to scrap oh and its free or swap for new car
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