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  1. Old school Classics keep them coming mate, don't listen to the old Farts
  2. I have found them on eBay, but at £125 pound Do you use one of these Moggy, what's the battery life like on them?
  3. Is there any footage of Romeo ???
  4. Some one put a clip up before of a bitch called sandy. Looked excellant
  5. I have sent 2 emails to my labour mp! And not one reply !
  6. Thank you for contacting Jude and Paul about the fox hunting ban. However, this is a matter for the British parliament, while Jude and Paul have been elected to the European Parliament. If you have not already done so I would suggest that you contact your MP, Tom Blenkinsop, his e-mail address is info@tomblenkinsop.com However, the Labour Partys rural manifesto issued before the recent General Election, stated that Labour will defend the ban on hunting foxes with dogs, and will not support any bill to repeal the act. Kind regards, I have also wrote to Tom blenkisop,
  7. 2 minutes from me , me and my ex boss went and priced a job up on one of the houses, not a very good view out the back lol
  8. Copy n pasted this to my mp mate, will let you no if I get a reply
  9. Can't get the remote of my dog when emmerdale is on
  10. Come on Fuji get some pictures up, could look through your deer pictures all day lolHaha..a dozen Stags here lolExcellent lol
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