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  1. rubish rumers the only thing making very hot is the cull thats in full swing.
  2. Sold out mate but still taking orders will be back in stock soon thanks bud put me down for one tried pm you but your inbox must be full.
  3. d Lioyd do you have any 20 amp batteries for sale still. ATB long dog
  4. send me your number through pm can't get on photo bucket pal do you have whats app. cheers long dog
  5. Two of them got Picardy in themthought so I got two Picardy x pups for my mate the other month nearly had one my self really nice strong pups mom and dad meant to do the bizzThe dog in the last photo was a cracking dog was shaping up to be a class act but had to have him pts at just over 4 year old.He was picardy beardie grey but throug more to the picardyyeah that's similar breeding to these pups I had them here for abit as the lad was sorting out his place can't Waite to see how they turn outIf they turn out like that one of mine you will be whishing you had one. Hope they serve him well.let
  6. dog for me saves sesions messing up hunting session . atb longdog
  7. its a shame more chaps haven't tried Picardy's breed prey drive and courage his not for the faint hearted lol.
  8. well 5 years on very pleased with what my dog as achieved I'm just wondering if theres any one else from this litter adout . atb long dog
  9. these lamps the best iv used my mate have got the battery pack under the lamp good bit of kit rally need two tho for a full nights lamping same old story with wiring tho plug damaged had to get replaced 30 notes but other that that really nice dimmer but don't dim right off as the older tracer did better beam than my older tracer for shore . ATB long dog
  10. wow mate the pup is coming on iv lost your number when up dating phone could you text me . atb long dog
  11. like you no john was a very good mate of bob and brian a lot of things came true what he explained about the curret laws on the hunting act it all came through shame there wasn't more men like him around our parts .
  12. hope so mate going to be a big dog
  13. zx12edge mine growing fast mate heres a updated photo mate.
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