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  1. heart of wales

    Big Moles !!

    What sort of damage was he doing,must had massive runs just to get those shoulders in.
  2. heart of wales

    Big Moles !!

    Never measured one before have had bigger than average will have to start just as a matter of intrest,well done
  3. heart of wales

    Talpex traps for sale on ebay

    Sorted now inbox emptied Thanks Alun
  4. heart of wales

    Talpex Mole traps

  5. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260973767732
  6. heart of wales

    Cancelation The Heart of Wales

    I would like to thank everyone for Your kind comments,During the last Seven Years have made some great friends and seen some fantastic dogs,I would also like judges,spectators,and competitors who game from far and wide to take part and make it a great show. Unfortunatley the show was becoming a big success and as a family along with some great friends We worked hard to get it where it was,as the show got bigger so did insurance premiums,along with running costs,and setting up and breaking down times,We run several other events throughout the Year and were struggling with time constraints,I run My own Pest control firm which has gained another two major clients,taking up a fair bit of My time,I also love nothing better than working and walking My dogs all of which there is only so much You can fit into one year. Like I said earlier huge decision,but one that had to be made. Thanks for the memories
  7. As a Family We have held severall meetings over the last couple of Days ,and it is with deep regret that we have decided to cancel The Heart of Wales Game fair and both Terrier & Lurcher Shows during 2012. We would like to thank everyone who helped and supported us over the last Seven Years,this decision was not taken lightly.
  8. heart of wales

    keepin a dog quiet in a kennel

    By the sounds You want him to bark at people if they come by your door, but you dont want him to just bark when strangers go by,If he is on a chain he will bark any way it tends to encourage them to bark cant You take him of the chain or is Your fence around your garden to low will he jump over it,If he cant see strangers he wont bark at them until they try to come in,putting a bark/shock collar on him will deter him doing the job You got him for.
  9. heart of wales

    What did this?

    Badgers and Carrion
  10. heart of wales

    keepin a dog quiet in a kennel

    Can You post a photo of Your kennels and set up,Can the dog be shut in when Your not there ? Does he bark at night when Your there ? is he on a chain or kenneled ? A barking German Shepherd in the right hands can be a good deterent for both You and Your nieghbors One thats constantly barking can be a pain in the arse How old is he ?
  11. heart of wales

    Heart of Wales show Date Change 30/10/11

    Would like to say thank You to everyone who attended to make it a cracking Day Big thank You to both Judges who done a cracking job photos & winners will follow I would like to appologise for the result I got wrong in the racing even though we were using video footage will post up the video later You can see my error :icon_redface:
  12. heart of wales

    Heart of Wales show Date Change 30/10/11

    Just finished fencing off the track ready for tommorow Hope we dont get one as close as this Tommorow
  13. heart of wales

    Best guard dog ?

    Me there are a lot of dogs I like, but the German Shepherd has got it all,If from the right stock,no Show type preferably flat backed strong boned and bred from working stock,dont matter about the colour or coat. Two of mine
  14. heart of wales

    Rugby world cup 2011

    The point I was trying to make was the inconsistency of it all, The French guy gets Yellow carded but his offence was deemed to be that bad he got Three Months Yet Sam Warburton immedeatly was red carded and when viewed after gets six weeks There has only been Two red cards in the world cup one was for punching the other was Sam Warburton Plenty of Yellows for tackling ??????????? including the French guy But whatever we say on here it will not change history The only crumb of comfort we would have hammered them with 15 on the pitch Fact
  15. heart of wales

    Rugby world cup 2011

    Mmm teh panel today didnt seem to agree with the decision neither,as the French player who was only Yellow carded against Tonga recieved a THREE MONTH SUSPENSION Sam Warburton Red carded THREE DAYS Never mind at least they are being consistent