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  1. I've been removing bees ( and saving them ) for a few years, access is always a killer, but if they want rid they generally pay. I did a tally last night, in 4 yrs i've done 96 removals. (and i'm a bee keeper) That did surprise me........
  2. Any updates on the Hand Warmer Mr T...... I went to look at 1 today... none in stock.
  3. I have 1 of Ian's XQ30V units, and i think for the money its bang on, used every weekend for rats its overkill but a great investment having tried other thermal units. Friday teatime, within 20 seconds of starting the unit up i spotted 23 rabbits ranged from 65 yrds up to 200 yrds.
  4. My 30 is bang on, when i have had my fun with it i will record some footage. Image quality is not a patch on the 50, but that's why its the price it is. 2 days ago on clients garden with historic rat activity ( bird feeders) i panned across to see a rat at 65 yrds sat in the foliage, unable to see this without the thermal i passed the unit to the client who was amazed. Last night at 1 of the farms i stood watching rats feed on berries while sat on top of the fence line, hidden from night vision covered by the foliage. These units simply make life even easier. Anyone around Notting
  5. Ian, Blackwood Outdoors just supplied me with a Quantum. Great service.
  6. I extract colonies, 13 todate this year,,, more info required.. and pics.
  7. I'm not too far from Worksop, and will nail lots with traps and nv air rifle. message me.
  8. Thanks for the replies................... long live The Donks............
  9. sorry... I live in the inner city... what is VHD ?
  10. A shooting friend has asked me for advice... ive no idea so thought I'd ask. He has, on two occasions now - stumbled across 2 rabbits, same location both within 3 weeks, both recently dead, still limp, no puncture wounds, no wet marks as though a dog had mouthed, both riddled with fleas on the head.... worst he has ever seen.... both bleeding from the rear end. Any suggestions.....????
  11. just purchased 1 of these rifles, can anyone say what the fill pressure is up to ..? cheers.
  12. the gap is between the brick and the stone wall (bottom layer) top layer covers this. Emphasized more in pic 2. not all the images are the same trap it says "rat trap" because the farm dog can read...... well so the postie tells me, as it chases him regular...
  13. this worked well for me on many occasions
  14. http://www.uttoxeter-news.co.uk/News/National-News/Man-shot-dead-while-out-rabbiting-1-6411140.xnf
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