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  1. If we haven't got a tester to hand we just use a blade of grass gives you a tingle if the powers good Ben
  2. Pig stockman long hours shit money no sick no bank hols work Xmas and new year but some ones got to make bacon
  3. With the ticks does no one just spin them round till they drop off I know it sounds daft but just use your thumb and spin it's body round for around a minute and it just drops off still alive
  4. If no ones collected the fencing I could take it off your hands
  5. it's not the breed as such pal I think any pig over 60 or 80kg it's classed as bacon because the bigger the pig the fatter they get and then you get the really large pigs that are for sausages a friend of mine has two up his place and they are gigantic the ones got to be 400kg + he's Guna have to kill them on site though I think, well I wouldn't fancy trying to get them in a stock box anyway lol a live weight of around 110-115kg is what we send our pigs for bacon try to get porkers around -90 and hog roast around 70-75 but that's a commercial unit and they say gos make the best bacon but I'd a
  6. You could have a static caravan or build a log cabin as long as it's a certain size can't remember off top of my head but if you search caravan act there should be plenty of info and I'm sure its not classed at a separate residence so no council tax
  7. All ferrets gone now lad was spot on turned up in time and gone to a good working home so hopefully they'll do well
  8. Thanks pal and just so people know I don't want anything for them just be better off with some one who's got more time and going to work them
  9. A lot of people asking for ferrets I've got around 6/7 that could do with going as don't get enough time to work one there this years stock but not really worked yet had the odd trip out but that's it and I'm in south Yorks Thanks ben
  10. I've got one this years and white but probably abit far in south Yorks
  11. If you have electric fence you still need something solid behind it to train them or they will go straight through the fence when it shocks them
  12. Thanks for the offer I'll have to ask the boss because it's rented land so not 100% if we would need to get permission off of the estate or not but I've considered having a go at them with air rifle myself so would be nice to have someone else to get a few more so I'll ask and see what's what with it
  13. It's just outside Yorkshire near Worksop and the boss not keen on letting dogs on because of bio security and all that nonsense
  14. We have loads of rats running round at work (pig farm) so had a couple mk4 fenns but not getting much success so as anyone got any hints and tips for me? Thanks ben
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