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  1. avoid using material that they will get there nails caught in like fleece , cotton pillow case's tied at each corner
  2. well hes takin the piss mate coz its only £12;75 from the warehouse if hes a trader well, do you think Bill Gates got where he is now by giving his brother free computers? brothers mate !
  3. It'll be like the Dales in a year or two. Jesus,,, every fecker on Ryan air,, 10 kilo of hand luggage ,, nets spade locator........ Might have a crack myself.......see the northern lights while I'm out there. its not amsterdam john boy . . . . .
  4. one has struck the nail on the head
  5. mate you need to stick to air guns ! what happenes if the ferret dont come out ? ? ? your gonna leave it there as you said befor yes ? and what happens if its got a muzzle on ? do you really need people to spell it out anymore than it has already ??? i just hope you take the advise on offer here .
  6. my mates brother has started his own business selling pet products and is selling this alpha at £17.50 tight git was ment to do me a deal !!!
  7. bet its funny as fook to see for the first time tho
  8. funny you should say that , i got 2 jills here that dont like meat as they been on bisc ever since they was babys , my mate saved them from the chop and keept them as pets , he never fed them on meat and now they turn there nose up at it .
  9. many thanks for the replys lads im going to give it a go and try a bag ,
  10. i wouldnt buy duracell chicken for my team , only free range !
  11. dont think you can beat a pair of army trousers tbh , not the best in water tho or the cold but they strong and cheap and do the job
  12. i got my stinkers on jwb at the moment but moving to a different food as it just too much money for what it is , they have rabbit as well but i just dont get enough bunnys to keep them on it all the time . i can get alpha down here for £17.50 a bag 10kg. also when feeding rabbit , gutts in or guts out ???
  13. im in the same boat , whats the best one to go for ?
  14. hi all, just wondering if anyone feeds alpha ferret feast ? do you have any views on it ? good or bad ? atb sam .
  15. ffs why do people sell the [bANNED TEXT] dog i been looking for at the [bANNED TEXT] price 8 weeks befor my girl friend is due to give birth . . . . . . . . . . gutted !
  16. nice one jai keep it up mate , too many fook heads would of given up as said befor .
  17. hummm . . . . . my dog rounded a family of muslims up at our local country park they was all screaming and waving there arms about i was wetting my self laughing and so was about 20 other people , i was so embarrased
  18. £1 that was a bit of luck , bet someone is gutted tho !
  19. give it time mate should be ok after a week or two , could be longer if the old ones missing her friend maybe ?
  20. i got one of these http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e6fcbbfc7 i like this one too http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-6-Meter-5-3-Ft-GUINEA-PIG-RABBIT-FERRET-WOODEN-HUTCH-HOUSE-WITH-RUN-HUTCHES-/330818879434?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Poultry&hash=item4d06577fca
  21. out of about 15 spades and shovels this is what i use (not very often touch wood) got it at the boot fair for £10 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Old-Mole-Trappers-Rabbiting-Ferreting-Spade-Huntung-Trap-trapping-/150930445513?pt=UK_Collectable_ToolsHasdware_RL&hash=item232427d4c9
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