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  1. looks nice , looks like it would fit my hand just nice ! send it over and il let ya know
  2. I have been gifted a beddy cross about a month ago he is 5 yrs old, you have just described him down to a T !!! but he works just as well with the lights off lol he was bought up on foxes and gets a hard on when he see's one when im out with him , up wind of a fox and he can see them 300 yd away on the darkest of knights . cant let him off on our local fields as hes off and wont come back for hours ! thats one reason why i have him now . edited to say.... just incase its not clear, i do not hunt foxes with my dogs and i travel several miles to exersize them each day on my permision where its free from foxes. i'l bring him down one night jack and run him with you .
  3. get your fingers down its neck an have a rumage about. do u feed it bones , might have it stuck ? do not wast time waiting for summing bad to happen , if the pup dont pick up after couple of days bite the bullet ! my pup ate a pair, yes a pair of my socks when he was about 4 month old, spent about 6 hourd bringing then back up ! amazing what the eat, only yesterday cleaning the poo i found out what happened to my daughters pepper pig fridge magnet !
  4. good pics , like the collars too where did you find them ?
  5. i have an old pifco heat lamp with several ceramic bulbs that is mounted to a table top stand . what do you want it for ?
  6. this is true in my case , i was gifted a 5 year old beddy cross about 3 weeks ago now and every time i let him out of his run he is so pleased to see me and so excited , when i was walking him the other day my dads parson terrier had a jealous moment and had a pop @ him when i shouted @ the terrier my lurcher took off with his tail between his legs shittin him self . he is what you would call broken spirit , this looks bad when im out with him as he is allways cowering down and flinching i have never layed a finger on him either. and beleive it or not but the previous owner got the dog of [BANNED TEXT] who is the sort of person you would bump into with the same pair of socks on in 6 months ! just goes to show !
  7. very true,yes he the farmer (dont) own the land, the land owner does, and as he gives her 5 grand to farm the ground, she the the land owner will always back him but as been said from few lads, suppose its time to get Buck on his own now, so maybe all this for the best. But its a pity he didnt get out of his cab, and say it to me on the deck would have loved to kick his slimy face inside out , well its only for the sheep really, and ifi lost the ground its no big deal really,soon find some more sheep to train the dog. problem is bird that the spinless prick would of phoned the police and then you would be nicked for assult , after about 10 or more trips to the court and solisitors you would find your self pi@#ed [BANNED TEXT] off and ya would of lost 10 days work and money and prob the land to , you did the [BANNED TEXT] thing but i know what i would of done roast lamb for sunday dinner anyone ?
  8. That's probably true. However, there are an awful lot of older people on here who are stuck up there own arse and have a 'how dare a young novice have the audacity to ask me a question about hunting' attitude. I am young and learning with a young pup. I have no one in my family/ friends circle to ask so I come on here the other day to ask a genuine question and I was basically told I am an idiot. What am I meant to do after that? Try and do it myself and risk ruining the dog only to be told I am a w@nker by the older lads on here? Us novices can't win with some of you lot. look mate there always gonna be sum prick that dont realise or is to old to remember what its like to not know how to do things. most of the lads on here are genuine . but some was bullied @ school and get a kick out of trying to make others look silly by bashing them up with there key boards when there mums are not looking . as i said most are genuine lads and have helped me out with all sorts of problems and tips over the last couple of years . any way i have been given a beddy whippet as the man had got himself a new pup and didnt want 2 dogs , he said its free of charge.if i breed it with my bro inlaw he wants the studd fee or pick of thelitter so he can sell it to one of the dick eds on the estate to beat and scream @ . . . .
  9. must be a gd shot if it was runnin like the wind
  10. sorry i ment to say i want it for lamping , when he comes out with the stinkers he will be roaming free, fingers crossed he gets on with the ferrets
  11. i might just have to try one of them ss !
  12. Thanks lads, i done a search on google and black dog trading come up . i was looking at the quick release ones on fle bay but the only one i like the look of is £40 . has anyone got any tips on what not to get ? ATB Sam
  13. Hello people , i been ferreting with nets for a few years now, A local man was getting rid of his beddy whippet that i was in love with so i took him in . Im after a slip lead and collar for him . i want to know if anyone can point me in the [BANNED TEXT] direction and advise on what works best ??? ATB Sam
  14. got my taste buds going now but its 00:55 am
  15. if feedin doc i cut the feet off as they can damage the ferrets throught when going down , and i only offer them once in a blue moon as a snack on top of there dry food.
  16. only thing with mice is the ferrets will prob eat it as soon as they kill it , problem with that is that if the mouse has eaten poison then the stinker will absorb it too !
  17. if they are left in season in dirty conditions they can get infections in the womb and die , by breeding her it brings her out of season .
  18. noise is a big issue , also stay down wind , stay out of sight as much as possible . dont put any of the wifes perfume on either as they can smell it a mile away !
  19. alternative acomadtion i got to start selling some bikes or that will be me !!! have a look at this i got one of these that i dont use anymore i will part with for some beer tokens.
  20. might need to make myself one soon as i bought a hw100 about 2 year ago and aint used her yet !!!
  21. yep there the 394 , make sure there silver oxide tho . maplins do them for £2.69 each robbing gits !!!
  22. are they the same as the mk3 ? if so rayovac , silver oxide
  23. wicked cow ! poor think was probably hungry , either that or she ran it over not looking where she was going , i did not laugh tho when i read it
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